Monday, November 8, 2010

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate can’t stomach Tory agenda any longer and defects to Red Ed Miliband and the Labour Party, Lib Dems imploding

Dear All

The Lib Dems when they entered coalition were painted as the ‘conscience’ of the Tory Party.

Nick Clegg and co were going to make Britain better, they even combined both the Labour and Tory slogans to produce:

“Change That Works For You. Building A Fairer Britain”.

The truth is that Nick Clegg is David Cameron’s bitch in all senses of the word and he likes it, Cameron calls and Clegg jumps. Assorted Lib Dem "Ginger rodents" then fall into line behind him eager to please their new Tory masters.

And why not the pay is so good!

But the Lib Dems are a fickle bunch being liberals there is only so much they can stomach.

Andrew Lewin was a Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate at the Westminster election, he has now defeated to the Labour Party.

His reason for abandoning the Liberal is the party was being forced to swallow "a virtually unreformed Conservative agenda".

You can’t have partnership when one of the partners is playing the role of a bitch, it can’t work,

Several councillors have already left the party in protest at the Coalition's policies but Lewin is the first candidate to walk out.

And the Lib Dems are dying in the polls.

Lewin, a public relations consultant insisted his views had not changed and that it was the Lib Dems who had moved away from him or to be more accurate Nick Clegg has been bought.

In truth Clegg was always a Tory anyway, he just used the Lib Dems as a vehicle to get elected.

Lewin says his "faith was shattered" by Mr Clegg's support for trebling university tuition fees.

How much more will the Lib Dems take before they decide that Clegg has to go, better to be a principled opposition than toady!

He accused the Lib Dems of signing up to a hasty "political timetable" for cutting the deficit dictated by the Chancellor George Osborne's desire to make room for election bribes before the next election.

Cameron and Osborne aren’t thinking of coalition in 2015 but passing on blame to the Lib Dems to go for the straight win.

Lewin on defecting said:

“I have a passion for politics. I am joining Labour because of Ed Miliband's leadership. He has set a direction of travel that can appeal across the spectrum, particularly to young people."

This looks bad for Clegg and if the Lib Dems go badly in the Holyrood 2011 elections then perhaps the message might sink in, change of leadership required.

Next year’s Holyrood election will be a test for several political parties so is a good indicator for 2015.

But just now the momentum has seriously slipped away from the Lib Dems and they know it.

Bought and sold for English Gold and so cheaply too in these 'tough economic times'.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Lets have another rigged election.