Monday, November 29, 2010

Disgraced ex Labour MP Jim Devine faces bailiffs over £35,000 tribunal debt and then in his other court case the possibility of imprisonment for fraud

Dear All

Trouble is like buses, you wait long enough and a whole load comes along all at once.

Disgraced former Labour MP Jim Devine is up on criminal charges alongside other ex Labour MPs over his House of Commons expenses claiming.

Bad enough, court case, loses his seat and now he owes £35,000 because he also lost a tribunal case against Marion Kinley, his former office manager.

To be clear, he was ordered to pay the money by a judge and as yet Marion Kinley hasn’t received a single bean for her trouble.

Now for Devine things are getting uglier Solicitors acting for Marion Kinley are now planning to stop the ex-Labour member from selling his house until she gets her money.

This could mean that the bailiffs maybe called in to access Devine’s resettlement grant.

The context of the £35,000 award to Marion Kinley was because of bullying and harassment suffered by her while an employee of Devine.

One such incident was when Devine got his friend Fiona Fox to put in a hoax telephone call to his ex-office manager.

She thinks the reason for what she describes as a bizarre call was to drive down her wages.

Everything blew up in his face and it was ruled that she was constructively dismissed.

Kinley said:

“It’s been over six weeks since I won my case for constructive dismissal and I have not received a single penny of my award. In the judgment it was clear the Commons had responsibility to pay the compensation for loss of pension but they are refusing to do so without authorisation from Mr Devine. Therefore, the only option left is to instruct bailiffs to go to the House of Commons and recover the monies set aside for Mr Devine’s resettlement grant and pension.”

And then there is case at Southwark Court which may see Jim Devine end up in prison.

Someone who had every opportunity and a duty to treat people properly and who threw it all away because they thought they were untouchable.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Labour criminals at large... SEE: Baker-boys earlier rant...