Friday, November 26, 2010

Scottish Police back the idea of a National Police force, it seems George Laird ideas are getting popular again, real substance, real change

Dear All

Awhile ago, I went to a political meeting on 4th September, at that meeting you could put forward ideas.

One of my ideas was for a single Scottish Police Force in Scotland.

Now, Police superintendents are backing a single Scottish force like them I made the point that savings must be ploughed back into frontline policing.

The Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (Asps) has given the green light and a "qualified yes" to Scottish Government's plans.

At the meeting I was surprised that after suggesting the idea, the Chairperson put my name down beside my suggestion.

A single Police in Scotland is desirable, not just from a financial aspect but in terms of operational requirements.

The single force doesn’t mean loss of autonomy in areas; local priorities would still be address in those areas as normal.

And then there is the issue of ‘talent’, not every officer is a specialist and having the ability to drawn on expertise from outside the geographic area would help solve crimes and be a useful educational tool so officers could learn from more experienced personnel.

David O'Connor, president of Asps, said:

"We take the view that criminals are not restricted by geographical boundaries, neither should the police be. That should not mean weakening local community policing, which must remain about police officers working within local communities, with a police station at the heart, led by a local commander. If a single force is the way forward it must produce financial and operational benefits, and savings that are made need to be reinvested in frontline policing and local communities."

Exactly my point!

Think One Force, many areas!

Cliff Anderson, general secretary of Acpos, which represent chief police officers, said:

"Work is under way led by the Scottish Policing Board, involving Acpos, Scottish Government and the police boards which is examining all aspects of the service in Scotland. By looking closely at how policing functions are delivered, we will be able to identify if there are better ways of working and if there is a case for changing force boundaries."

So, it seems that everyone recognises this is a winner and hopefully the Scottish Government will too.

There are other examples of agencies working on a Scotland wide basis, the Police should be no different.

My idea isn’t just based on saying money to plough back into frontline services; it is to make Scotland have a 21st Century Police Service fit for purpose that addresses all the issues with capacity to take on additional responsibilities as the nature of its role expands.

At the same meeting I proposed the same for the Fire and Ambulance Services in Scotland.

More for less while still allowing people to have a future career in public service!

Bernard Ponsonby recently described the idea of a Scottish National Police Force on Politics Now as bold and innovative.

George Laird right again?

Depends on the Scottish Government but the Police seem to think so!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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