Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tory David Cameron thinks he can turn Scottish people around to vote Tory at Holyrood 2011 election, no gimmick will achieve that, Tories not welcome

Dear All

David Cameron says has not given up on Scotland.


He has abandoned Scotland to the Lib Dems, kicked it into the long grass to concentrate on England.

So, who is he kidding seriously?

Scotland hates Tories.

In a pathetic piece of sack cloth and ashes he states that the Conservative Party had in the past not been pro-Scotland and pro-Union enough.

The only ‘pro’ that the Tories have ever been is using Scotland for every dirty nasty little pilot to punish the poorest in society.

Can the Scottish Tories be ‘more Scottish and more pro-Union’?

And would ordinary Scots care?

No matter how the Tories try to package themselves, the same smell leaks out that turn the guts of Scottish people.

The next initiative of Cameron’s is because of the forthcoming Holyrood election in 2011.

At a lunch for journalists he was asked if he would be a vote loser during the Scottish parliamentary campaign.

He says:

“No, I’m not yet a vote loser, I hope”.

He is right to have doubt, he is a vote loser.

Truth be told, he might be a big hit with his Scottish Tory clique supporters but outside that group Scottish people have no time for ‘Supermarket Dave’

He has nothing in common with ordinary Scots.

Another gem by Cameron:

“At the end of the day are there lots of people who would support a pro-enterprise, pro-family, modernising public services, small state, Big Society approach to politics? Yes, there are. If you look anywhere in Europe, there is a decent level of support for a strong, centre-right party. We haven’t managed to convince people in Scotland that is the party we are.”

Looking at the statement as a road map it looks reasonable but the Devil is in the detail of how you get there.

The Tories talk about ‘Big Society’, people volunteering to put something back into their communities for the common good.

I have done volunteering in the past and there is a certain fulfilment in helping others.

The Cameron vision is a nightmare, how can Big Society function when people who through no fault of their own can be used to do forced menial labour?

How can Big Society work when people can be thrown out of their social housing?

How could Cameron sell that vision to Scots?

He can’t and ordinary people would quite rightly repel from such treatment of others.

Cameron thinks it is acceptable to strip people of the little dignity they have left when they fall on hard times.

The same mentality of the club he belonged to called the Bullingdon Club.

Rich people who wreck people’s lives without thought to the harm they do.

Heather McLeod, a Tory PPC let the cat out of the bag when she describes the Scottish Tories as like a ‘nest of vipers’.

The message for Cameron in 2011 at the Holyrood election will be the same message sent by generations of Scots, Scotland hates Tories.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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