Saturday, November 27, 2010

Human rights abusing Glasgow University gets Police visit as University staff and students harass old woman invited to student union, 3 arrests

Dear All

Last night there was a student/staff protest at the human rights abusing Glasgow which attracted a hefty Police presence of eight vans and two squad cars!

And no the Police weren’t turning up for a free buffet but a bit of shouting in the street.

A protest involving about two dozen students!

Three arrests took place for alleged breach of the peace during the demonstration.

The protest was to coincide with a visit by beleaguered Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie to Glasgow University Union.

She came for a feed, poor dear has had a hard week with knives out for her within her own party and protestors wanting to shout at her for an issue which has sod all to do with her.

The protesters were part of a range of campus groups and trade unions which are opposed to the Coalition Government’s education cuts and proposed tuition fee rises.

Why bend her ear, it isn’t like she controls Scottish Government policy or ever will.

Hassle an innocent harassed pensioner on her way to get some quality nosebag time!

What a load of swine!

One student, John Coan, 34, said:

“There’s been a huge police overreaction. What the taxpayers in Govan, Maryhill and the east end of Glasgow think about this sort of police presence, they can make their own minds up.”

Maybe they would be wondering why 24 clowns standing shouting the street have nothing better to do!

A University employee attending the rally of abusing pensioners said:

“They just arrested three students for doing nothing more than shouting. I thought that was what happened in China. I didn’t realise it could happen in Glasgow.”

Does he know that Glasgow University practices discrimination against innocent working class people?

Does he know that corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli covered up criminal fraud?

You can read this by clicking the link.

The employee added:

“I was allowed a university education with a grant and everything, and it’s unfair that these kids are not going to be allowed to do that.”

And whose fault is that?

Not Annabel Goldie.

A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police (the forces of law and order) confirmed that two men, aged 20, and a third man, aged 25, had been arrested for alleged breach of the peace.

Given that there were eight vans and two squad cars was it really breach of the peace?

Hardly the attack at Tory HQ was it!

Meanwhile over in the east of the country Professor Bernard King, Principal of Dundee’s Abertay University, said the Scottish Government’s budget plans for next year would leave universities £67 million worse off.

Well; the answer is simple, slim down universities and divert resources to the college sector which produces a better ratio of student to the pound.

For too long the university sector has been left to build little mini empires without proper scrutiny by politicians.

In future people at the human rights abusing Glasgow University should have more respect for old dears going about their lawful business getting a feed.

Luckily, Glasgow University Child Sex Predator Andrew Byrne wasn’t there so no children were molested or raped.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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