Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scotland needs its own Proposition 19, legalisation of Cannabis under a Regulate, Control & Tax Cannabis Act.

Dear All

The effect of the Tea Party dominated the current election climate in the US.

One thing which might have slipped pass you was a California initiative titled Proposition 19.

Proposition 19 is legalisation of marijuana under the Regulate, Control & Tax Cannabis Act.

If you want sanity in the worldwide drug law debate you have to be pro legalisation.

Only by this method can the freezing of organised crime out of the drugs market begin.

And it has to start somewhere; a regulated market means taxes, money ploughed back to the Government to help fund projects which will make a real difference to ordinary people and communities.

The motion was defeated by 57 per cent no to 43 per cent yes.

But the sands are shifting and like some topics drugs are a hot political potato as political parties are locked into the nonsense of wanting to appear tough on crime.

What is needed is a multilateral approach not just in Scotland but across the globe.

The Regulate, Control & Tax Cannabis Act has failed this time but it is a real step forward.

It can only be a matter of time before politicians struggling to control budgets and hold together services realise that there is a vast untapped market of liquid equity washing about the place which is there for the taking.

Scotland is a corrupt country; we have Victorian values thrown in our face by people who time and time again let us all down while in public office.

Legalisation of drugs is coming; however the case needs to be carefully explained to the public to win their support.

The overriding stumble block is weak politicians who fear losing their seats at election time.

A recent study in the BMJ by the Transform Drugs Policy Foundation found that punitive enforcement measures do not reduce drug use. It uses valuable police time, and makes otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals.

That is why I support a Regulate, Control & Tax Cannabis (Scotland) Act.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I would back you George on this issue 100%.

Anonymous said...

The worst bit is... All illegal drugs are supplied to the streets by clandestine government agencies...

Afghanistan produced 98% of the entire world opium crop in 2009 and they have improved yield using the usual suspects. One of the main reasons the 'British' army is there.

The London Establishment has a long track record of drug trafficking... going back to the Chinese Boxer-wars... HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) made it capital from washed drug money along with P&O Shipping Company.

Legal drugs... supplied by you GP are far worse.

The Lone Badger said...

George, you constantly surprise me with your forward thinking, I would seriously vote for someone like you if you ever stood in my area for election.

Anonymous said...

Great blog George and well done for saying openly for so long that the drugs market needs to be regulated.

Anonymous said...

Stop taking drugs. End of. Live life.

The London Establishment has you in their vice-grip.