Friday, November 12, 2010

Labour MPs used twitter to cheered on violent student protest at Tory HQ, incitement to riot is a crime, they should be disciplined

Dear All

The right to peaceful protest is something that everyone regardless of political persuasion should defeat vigorously.

Whether it is one man or 50,000 people, protesting is a necessary safety valve for society.

Jaw Jaw Is Better Than War War!

The violent student protest outside the Tory HQ did nothing to help the cause of students and future students facing £9,000 a year fees.

Rather than condemn the violence some Labour MPs encouraged students rioting over the tuition fees issue to ‘get stuck in’ via Twitter.

The Labour Party and twitter don’t gel together as off the cuff statements by Labour tend to be way off the mark.

And given the length of time spent in Parliament, you would think some Labour MPs would know better.

For example backbencher Labour MP John McDonnell used the social networking site to tweet ‘just shows what can be done when people get angry. We must build on this’ as missiles were hurled at police.

Yes, there is anger not just among the student population but wider in the country about what the Tory/ Lib Dem Coalition are doing, we know it is an unfair and unequal society but their policies raise the bar even further.

The scenes of violence put people’s lives in danger both students, Police and bystanders so it does nothing to help matters when Labour MP Alex Cunningham tweeted:

“Well done our students – thousands outside the office getting stuck into the LibDem / Tory government.”

The most dangerous incident by far was the dropping of a fire extinguisher off a roof, this could have killed someone.

It wasn’t a laugh rather it was a calculated act designed to kill or main.

Whoever was on the roof should come forward and help police with their enquiries to ensure that the individual responsible is caught and punished by the Courts.

50 arrests were made by Police heavily outnumbered by 50,000 students and protestors, so the Police will have to revise their plans for future anti government demonstrations.

Further rioting in Britain is a possibility as the Tory/Lib Dem cuts are driven through.

It is easy to understand the sense of betrayal people feel at the Lib Dems and their leader Nick Clegg who performed a U-turn who said he wished he had not been so ‘hasty’ in saying he would end tuition fees.

Clegg has miscalculated the mood of the British people and the short term gain will lead to long term losses at the ballot box.

Already the Lib Dems have seen their poll rating slump and current figures are still expected to travel further downwards.

Far from being a brake on the Tories, the Lib Dems are in the cab driving through measures which will damage the social fabric of this country.

There is no new start, no new era and the spectre of Thatcher is back.

In the Commons Ed Balls issued the standard Labour’s official line that the violence was ‘completely unacceptable’.

Done to grab some airtime to show he is somehow relevant.

Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson suggested Government policy was partly to blame by saying their ‘unfair’ policy contributed to the clashes.

I think his analysis is too simplistic; this was also the work of modern anarchists and ‘professional’ protesters whose sole interest is violence, irrespective of the issue at stake, these people came for trouble.

My prediction is that Britain will sink even lower than it already has, crime will rise and so will other acts such as racism, communities will become more unsafe and we may see a return to riots.

Those old enough will remember the Briton riots:

And the Toxteth riots:

We are heading for this again.

And Labour MPs shouldn’t be stoking the fires of hate and revenge, they should know better but their tweets say otherwise about what they truly think.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

The student riot has all the hallmarks of a MFI false-flag gig.