Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tory welfare reforms kill myth of ‘big society’, who will volunteer after doing forced labour, nasty and spiteful

Dear All

The Tories are quite rightly known for being the “nasty” party, the party of greed and the party of the wealthy.

One of the lies used at the General election was that Tories were going to help the unemployed.

They have an idea, it is forced labour, not cheap labour or free labour but forced.

And it gets nastier Jobseekers who refuse to take up work will have their benefits cut off for up to three years.

So, what does someone do if they are refused benefits for three years and have no other means of support?

Prison is their only option for food and shelter.

When you get your benefits cut under the Tories, you also are forced out of your home onto the street.

This is Tory-Lib Dem Coalition brave new world which the Lib Dems are signed fully up to under former Tory now Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg.

David Cameron said that the sanctions are part of the “deal” the unemployed had to agree with the state, a social contract except the unemployed had no part in drawing it up.

So where will those in the Cameron’s Forced Labour battalions work?

They will be doing council work and the council employees made redundant.

Made redundant and then forced back to their old jobs at benefit rates.

And as part of the ‘new’ deal for the long term unemployed, it will be menial work they will be forced to do.

Forced labour has provoked outcry from campaigners and religious leaders at the weekend because they say the poorest in society pay the hardest for an economic crisis that was not of their making.

The Tories don’t care and the Lib Dems, they have been bought off.

David Cameron said:

“We’re doing more than any other government to help people get back to work. That’s our part of the deal. Now those on benefit need to do their bit. If people are asked to do community work, they’ll be expected to turn up. If people are asked to apply for a job by an adviser they will be expected to put themselves forward. If people can work, and they are offered work, they will be expected to take it. This is the deal. Break that deal and they will lose their unemployment benefit. Break it three times and they will lose it for three years. The message is clear. If you can work then a life on benefits will no longer be an option”.

And with 5 people chasing every job, the Tory forced labour battalions will have a huge pool to draw on.

Recently the Tory HQ in London was smashed up by students over rises in tuition fees to £9,000 a year.

Forced labour will drive mainstream voters to fringe political parties who thrive on unrest.

One thing spelt out today by the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition is their distain and utter contempt for the poorest people in society.

At the other end of the scale, the rich bankers who caused the crisis aren’t being touched, rhetoric of sanctions against them was used to gain votes but then the Tories reengaged on their part of the deal.

I suspect that some people will be choosing prison as an option because in prison you will be able to get a job at the minimum wage, free food, free board, free education, free training, free medical, free dental and no bills.

Maybe now the English will learn the lesson that working class Scottish people learnt at the time of Thatcher.

Don’t vote Tory.

I think this kills the myth of ‘big society’ among the working class, who will volunteer after doing forced labour?

As usual the Tories have got the policy wrong but fairness isn’t high on their agenda.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


tris said...


George Laird said...

Dear Tris

I thought that Iain Duncan Smith understood the problems of the long term unemployed and how to help them.

But I was wrong, so much good could have been done which the Tories could have took the credit and made them a force next election.

If you done forced labour through no fault of your own would you vote Tory?

They have killed their election chances and gave the Labour Party a real issue of fairness to get their teeth into.

Why are some politicians so stupid?

Because they don't think, it's rush rush rush.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

No to Tory Big Society said...

I wouldn't volunteer for anything if I was forced to do menial labour under Tory plans.

Anonymous said...

Elections are rigged.

Anonymous said...

Tell IDS tae fuck off. Lets get oor country back.