Thursday, November 18, 2010

Corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli of human rights abusing Glasgow University holds open Q & A session, 30 people turn up in 1,200 capacity hall

Dear All

Glasgow University is a corrupt institution but they like to give the misleading impression that they are honest and open.

To that end corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, Principal of human rights abusing Glasgow University is holding open Q & A session for students.

You can read how rotten to the core Glasgow University is here.

At a recent event held in Bute Hall within the university which has a 1,200 seating capacity only 30 people turned up.

Yes, a whole 30 people wandered in probably to shelter from the cold to hear the witterings of a corrupt foreigner about the cuts to the university budget.

With a student population of circa 25,000, 30 people equals personal humiliation.

But is does send a clear message that few are interested in hearing his shite!

People have better things to do.

The next ‘meet the people’ event is supposed to be held after December.

Maybe if Muscatelli wants a better attendance he could organise free food and a double bill of porno films.

He could ask:

‘Anyone want to hear what I have to say’?

Then someone could reply:

‘run the porn and gie's a burger’.

That way the event could be a success but not during the week between 9 and 5!

It seems that the hype and myth of Glasgow University employing the ‘best’ people suffers another body blow.

My first year of blogging circa 10,000 people trotted in, year 2 sees 55,000 wander past for a read.

And I don’t advertise.

I suppose that Muscatelli probably thinks 30 people is a success story!

If he is interested in reaching out then perhaps he could return the money stolen from me by his senior management staff?

Sorry, I got carried away there; he is a Muscatelli, not a Musketeer!

No personal honour there which explains why he covered up criminal fraud and bullying by refusing to act.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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