Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peter Kearney, media director of the Catholic Church unrepentant over destroying the life and career of Hugh Dallas, classic 'fuck you' attitude

Dear All

People say things then given a little bit of time to reflect they sometimes realise that they have went over the score.

When Peter Kearney said that hostility to Catholics in Scotland was “deep, wide and vicious”, my first thought was why was he talking out his arse?

Since he blabbed, the Catholic Church’s media director has had a sharply divided reaction to his absurd claims.

He thinks that sectarianism remains a hugely prevalent factor in Scottish society; I say it is limited to a very small minority of hard core bigots on both sides who have nothing in common with ordinary Scottish people.

And the problem usually surfaces in relation to one aspect in Scottish life, football games.

After his ill judged comments appeared in yesterday’s Herald, he has had emails of support and against.

Kearney as bold as brass declares:

“The bigotry, the bile, the sectarian undercurrents and innuendos must end.”

Actually what must end is the ‘sectarian industry’ which has sprung up to deal which an issue that most ordinary Scots consider to be dead and buried.

Kearney also says:

“Reminding Scotland that religious intolerance exists here is a risky business, which is probably why so few people do it.”

Few people do it because they have nothing better to do with their time, Scotland has moved on years ago.

A critic in an email to Kearney said:

“I and a lot of other Scots of every and no denomination feel that these matters are doing nothing to help and everything to incite the bigotry between Catholic and Protestant in Scotland.”

And the writer is absolutely right.

Another person writing to Kearney said should “get their own house in order” before making such accusations.

Which makes me wonder did Peter Kearney come out strong against paedophile priests and call for their expulsion?

I have googled but couldn’t find anything by Kearney supporting the victims of Clerical abuse.

However, it seems that he is a bit of a Celtic lion when it is one man, in this case Hugh Dallas.

Dallas’ crime was a stupid email picture regarding the Pope.

Peter Kearney, media director of the Scottish Catholic Church used his position to destroy that man’s career and go off on a rant.

He said:

“Let no-one be in any doubt, with this shameful episode, Catholics have drawn a line in the sand.”

Perhaps Kearney has been watching jihad videos because he is muttering away like an extremist.

As of yesterday, Peter Kearney is unrepentant about fanning the flames of controversy and getting someone sacked and ruining their career.

He said:

“Today many organisations have an ‘acceptable use’ policy which applies to staff communication by e-mail, it often allows them to brandish their zero tolerance credentials. In most cases, dismissal is the penalty for breaching these strictures. If anyone considers such policies harsh they would do well to take up the matter with employers who use them.”

A short version of what he is saying could be, ‘fuck Hugh Dallas, I don’t care’.

He finishes by saying this:

“Inter-denominational relations in Scotland are, thankfully, excellent. In reality, those who perpetrate acts of bigotry, by their actions, undermine and contradict Christian teaching.”

Just like the people who get people sacked over what is a silly picture, not bigotry and not sectarianism.

A true Scot would have seen the Dallas email for what it is, a silly attempt at humour which end up being blown out of proportion for the purposes of exploitation. Look at this picture is it worth destroying someone's life over? I don't think so and I am sure the majority of Scots would agree with me.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

You don't hauf talk wan load a keech

Anonymous said...

You've published this on a day when a major campaign is launched to stamp out the REAL and poisonous crime of blatant secteranism in the workplace! Who gets the dirtiest jobs, who gets overtime, who gets the new truck, who gets pampered, who gets their holidays at the same time as the schools, Still in Scotland this can depend on which"foot" you kick with. And anyone who thinks different, get out your of your strange wee world and go and learn how people live. And how they pass this poison onto their children.

Anonymous said...

I agree with George Laird, there is no excuse for what Peter Kearney did to Hugh Dallas, it is unchristian and shameful. And I don't care who says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

So lets get rid of it. Integrate the bloody schools!

unrepentant said...

I feel sorry for the next generation of Scots. It appears we cannot come to terms with our anti catholic attitudes. OF course its not the whole of our society but there is a certain sickness which permeates and damages our thought process when it comes to our treatment of Catholics, who bring a vibrancy to our country.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, did I have you wrong Geordie! Sadly four out of five of the comments here show that the problem isn't ingrained sectarianism but Roman Catholics' ingrained perception of sectarianism - they're sure it happens but can't quite provide instances of real discrimination because it doesn't exist in 21st century Scotland. Well not the kind they're bleating on about. Unless of course you consider the unofficial employment policy at Glasgow City Council or the insidious existence of denominational schools and they don't quite fit the profile our friends are looking for. It's time for RCs to get off their knees and figure out who exactly stands to benefit from stirring them up about sectarianism. Peter Kearney certainly benefits, nice little earner he has there, eh? The lying little toerag.

Anonymous said...

as shown by comments to this article, it is obvious that there are people brainwashed into thinking they poor victimised people who are treated unfairly against opthers based on religion, i challenge anyone to get proof of this, nowhere in scotland does it ask a persons religion on an application for a job. Glasgow city council for example has a very large proportion of RC MPs compared to population. Prehaps if these victims stopped drinking everyday in the pubs of gallowgate, prehaps if there wasnt seperate schooling, then prehaps they wouldnt have this paranoia