Friday, May 9, 2014

Scottish independence: Pro-UK website Vote No Borders is targeted for abuse by Scottish Nationalists, there seems to be a co-ordinated pattern on how the Nationalists use the term ‘racist’ to spread hatred towards anyone who speaks out regarding indyref

Dear All

They say that if you look closely you can see patterns in everything, although a generalisation, you can see patterns which have emerged in the Scottish independence campaign.

As well as the abuse from Nationalists, the way that they conduct smearing has a pattern.  

Specifically the use of the term ‘racist’!

This is a favourite Nationalist tool to discredit any voice whether that be an independent person, a politician or a political party.

I have been called a ‘racist’ among other things, that Nationalist supporting hate campaigner has since been arrested and charged by Police Scotland.

Another target to be called ‘racist;’ is Ukip, my last post mentioned that as how the Nationalists targeted Nigel Farage.

Now the Cybernats have targeted the Pro-UK group, Vote No Borders.

They have been called ‘racist’, this seems to be a developed pattern; it doesn’t appear to be random.

The hate campaign has forced VoteNoBorders to change its online campaign after barrage of abuse prompting it to disables comments on videos.

The videos were fairly harmless, as ordinary folk were personally attacked for views on Scottish independence, volunteers expressing support for Britain shouldn’t have been personally attacked, but the Nationalists don’t want ordinary people to have a voice in this referendum.

Scots who agreed to be filmed speaking openly about their UK support for Vote No Borders were called "racist" and labelled "Unionist bulls******s".

The abuse was just stopped at calling people 'racist', Nationalists:

"Mumbling idiot has no clue what the hell is going on! What a clown – shame one him. Traitor."

Another comment was:

"I'm embarrassed for you. To be so ignorant must be a gift."

Patently that poster has never been in a Pollok SNP branch meeting.

Vote No Borders is a new group which launched last week to "inject some positivity into the Union",

Their videos are what I would describe as unpolished, the editing leaves a lot to be desired which I assume was a specific decision taken by someone with media experience.

Since the videos went live, the flood of abusive messages that followed forced the group to disable the comment function under its videos within 48 hours.

The Nationalist fear the voice of the Scottish people because they don’t want Scots to engage and ask them the difficult questions on a range of key issues.

Labour said the abusive behaviour on display "shames Scotland" while Yes Scotland, the pro-independence movement, called all forms of abuse "unacceptable".

In fact, if you check the twitter account of the hate campaigner @georgemlaird who has since been arrested by Police Scotland, you will find that a Yes Scotland employee is a follower, Ross Greer of the Scottish Greens.

Vote No Borders is an official campaign group registered with the Electoral Commission, is backed by Malcolm Offord, they have decided that their campaign will be a "people's campaign". That is the platform on which they want to operate, it could be a good strategy depending on how they work, time will tell.

The people who did the videos probably never expected to be targeted.

One YouTube user wrote:

"These folk truly are mushrooms that love to be covered in Unionist s****. Open your eyes you fools."

Others accused the volunteers of "playing the racist card" and being "stooge" actors while ridiculing their support for the UK.

One commented regarding an elderly woman:

"When she starts to pretend to cry I can't help but laugh".

Another added:

"Go home dear you are fooling no one."

In a sinister turn, Nationalists wanted to locate Mr Offord's birth certificate and post it online.


What good would do?

What was the motive?

Anne McGuire, Stirling Labour MP, said:

"It is completely unacceptable to abuse an organisation or individual because they want to keep the UK together. No matter what people's views are on the future of our country, everybody is entitled to be heard with respect. This type of abusive behaviour shames Scotland."

One person without a future is Alex Salmond, his political life clock is ticking down, the Nationalists have spent 30 years building hate and resentment, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon played key roles.

Despite this, the Nationalists are losing ground; no one wants to be part of their poison.

I guess the running of a hate campaign and targeting people and organizations wasn’t such a good idea after all.

The Nazis used the same tactics in their climb upwards.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

The comparison to the Nazis of the SNP is frightening.
One Man Band.
Free speech strangled.
Citizens rights trashed.
Oppressive Laws.
Bullying and thuggery.
Agents Provocateurs.
Blatant lying to the Electorate.
Propaganda by the bucket load.
I could go on but most sensible folk know this and I would find it impossible to convince those who believe that scots are oppressed now.
Seen any armed Troops on the streets of any major Scots city? Or anywhere in Scotland?
Tax and welfare are the same across the UK.
I can't think of any situation where, as a Scot, I'm being oppressed by the UK Government.

What I can tell you is this:
Do not express a view that you are intending to vote NO in the forthcoming Referendum. Then you will know, from uneducated thugs, a feeling of oppression.
The SNP has truly made a right balls up of this forthcoming opportunity to gain Independence.

Tim Henstridge said...

I like Anne McGuire and how she voted for the welfare spending cap. That'll get them fat scroungers off there arses. Way to go Anne!