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Scottish independence: unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, deputy leader of Scotland’s ‘anti English’ party plays politics with Scotland’s elderly over early death, maybe if she got off her arse as Health Sec many Scots women could have got the cancer drugs they badly needed and would still be alive

Dear All

You live and you die, when you die is a matter of fate or bad luck.

Not one to miss a trick, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon is trying win over the elderly folk, her carrot is earlier pensions.

This tactic of bribery isn’t new in politics, but what is disgraceful is that she says Scots are being shirt changed by up to £50,000 because they die sooner than people in affluent parts of England.

It’s England’s fault that Scots die young apparently!

Lower life expectancy is based on many factors, how a person lives; their family history and in some cases what type of job they do or whether they remain active both mentally and physically in retirement.

There are people in Scotland who live to a ripe good old age, we all don’t die early.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and her Pensioners’ Rights Secretary Shona Robison said it meant Scotland must look at implementing a lower retirement age than the rest of the UK.

This is rubbish.

On the issue of cash, a 65-year-old woman entitled to a total pension of £160 per week could expect to get  £11,000 less in Scotland than counterparts in the rest of the UK as a whole.

Comparing Scotland to England is nonsense, this is just a device not top help pensioners but rather the Scottish National Party trying desperately to turn their failed independence campaign around after continuous disastrous polling.

They want a Scotland Vs England grudge match where Alex Salmond pours out hate in David Cameron’s direction.

Recently a SNP student leader was branded a ‘racist’ for her unprovoked attack on the Prime Minister.

The gap of early death widens in areas like Glasgow, where life expectancy is among the lowest in the UK.

7 years of SNP and still they haven’t managed equality for Scots, mind you for the last 3 years, the Scottish Government has existed in name only as SNP Ministers abandoned their desks to chase the independence dream.

If you compare Glasgow with Harrow, London, which has the highest life expectancy for men in the UK, the pension gap is £50,000.
Some people in Harrow do die young as well; giving people a pension early won’t increase their life expectancy.

Only lifestyle changes can do that, and that isn’t a miracle, don’t smoke, don’t drink to excess, take moderate exercise, these all help, even drinking water helps.

Drinking water helps burn fat so lower bodyweight.

Last year as part of ‘Bribe Scotland using Scottish Taxpayers cash’, Sturgeon suggested pensioners could get the retirement benefit earlier in an independent Scotland because of lower life expectancy.

I am not convince that solves the problem, well actually, it doesn’t solve the problem, but then what do people expect for incompetent Nicola Sturgeon who wrecked the Scottish NHS.

If you have a heart attack, you might not live, if you need cancer drugs you might not get them, and if you are in pain you might have to wait 4 hours in agony.

Cheers Nicola!

The Scottish Angel of Death….. Scottish region!

Ms Robison said:

“The lower life expectancy in Scotland means it would be fairer for people in Scotland if the increase in the pension age was postponed. It is right for Scotland to consider a state pension age relatively lower than the rest of the UK.”


Scottish Tory deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“The Scottish Government is disgracefully trying to shoehorn this into a Scotland v England debate, in the hope it will generate some more animosity and boost the Yes vote. But inequality exists across the board and as we know the life expectancy gap between rich and poor in Scotland is vast too. The electorate will see through this ill-informed and divisive narrative.”

Gregg McClymont, Labour’s shadow pensions minister, said:

“The Scottish Parliament has the power to improve the life expectancy of Scots, with control over health, education and local services. Maybe if Nicola Sturgeon focused more on the day job instead of spending all her time campaigning for separation things would improve.”

Gregg makes a good point that I have made previously, SNP Ministers should be sent back to their desks. This term of the Scottish Parliament is a farce.
The grudge, grievance and malcontent is the Nicola Sturgeon of old, the angry wee Nat who plays at being a caring person.

Now see is playing with people’s feelings, what a wretched woman she really is, no wonder the women of Govan call her an “arsehole”.

One word that rather sums up her life in front line politics!

Recently the SNP were described by a Ukip member as an 'anti English' party, this feeble attempt by Sturgeon will convince many that is the case. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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