Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scottish independence, taking the biscuit, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond continues with the ‘big lie’ on currency union, he now comes back with ‘watered down proposals’ which shows the SNP in is a fire sale for votes, total collapse and evidence that Salmond's star is fading rapidly

Dear All

One of the big lies that Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond has been peddling is that he will force the UK into a currency union.

He made the threat to renege on Scotland's share of UK debt, the UK called his bluff and said they would underwrite all the debt.

They pulled the ground right out from under him.

Now, Salmond has been accused of “watering down” his currency policy in a desperate attempt to get a deal on sharing the pound.

There is no deal to be had.

Why is this the case, well, all main opposition parties including the UK Government entered a pact.

That pact is not open to be reassessed because in 2015, they will each have to pledge not to enter a monetary union with Scotland at the Westminster election.

The fact they have already done so is proof, there is no going back from that statement, anyone breaking it, has no chance of forming the next Westminster Government.

Alex Salmond knowing the answer is no, is still going on with the lie of monetary union, he has repeatedly ignored warnings because he doesn't have a plan B.

Plan B is either a Scottish currency or using the pound without lender of last resort facilities from the Bank of England.

Salmond insists the Bank of England would be the central bank of an independent Scotland.

In other words, he isn't campaigning for independence, the entire SNP bid is a massive fraud on the public as well as his own SNP members.

He is just selling everyone out.

Also the ridiculous notion that he would get a non-voting “observer role” on its monetary policy committee is laughable.

As well as that he says the non-voting “observer role” will have input, newsflash, the person wouldn't even be allowed to sit in the room while the committee is in session.

Tails don't wag the dog!

Willie Rennie, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats said Salmond argued that a separate Scotland would have a seat on the committee adding the current version is a “more shambolic” than ever.

He said:

"In a desperate attempt to save his policy on a shared currency the First Minister is watering down his demands for Scottish representation on the Bank of England. His party used to argue for a Scottish voice on the MPC, now he just wants someone to watch. There is no consistency in their position and the White Paper makes no reference to observer status. In response to the clear rejection by politicians and experts the First Minister is now prepared to accept poorer terms to persuade them to have a change of heart. The best terms for a currency union are the ones we have now with the UK.”

Pretty fair analysis that Salmond is selling out Scotland, he thought he was in a buyer's market, it now turns out to be the opposite case. He can't dictate the terms because he doesn't get a say in anything, his position is untenable and quite bizarre.

If he thinks this new policy is a winner he is bonkers, in politics like in business, you never lower your price, Salmond just blinked. 

Speaking on Sky News, Salmond committed the SNP to a policy that Scotland would have an observer on the committee to co-ordinate monetary and fiscal policy "as part of a monetary banking union" with the remainder of the UK.

This is utter delusion.

He added:

"In the same way as the Treasury has an observer in the MPC at the moment, yes of course we would have an observer on the MPC. But people actually on the MPC are selected for their expertise. The Treasury are there, and the Treasury of an independent Scotland will be there to coordinate the interaction between monetary and fiscal policy.”

Independence is dead, interdependence is the new mantra, a party in existence for 80 years and Alex Salmond has sold them down the river.

People aren't willing to campaign for Scottish National Party, because the party effectively doesn't exist, it is a cult surrounding Salmond now.

On the issue of Nationalist abuse, which I have blogged on as being appearing to be organised, which you look through my recent blog posts and read, Alistair Darling has also suggested the pro-independence campaign may be orchestrating “cybernat” attacks on opponents.

Saturday, I was at the Silverburn Shopping centre, the Scottish National Party turned up, one of the Yes campaigners started filming a BT female activist, the SNP MEP candidate Chris Stephens had to be removed from the shopping centre by the security staff.

Later on I saw that someone had contacted one the worst of the cybernats, a lying Nationalist bigot by the name of Tommy Ball. This I would suggest is proof of an 'organised' campaign of Nationalist hate.

Ball was outed as one of the seven worst cybernats operating in the UK by the Daily Mail.

He is also connected to those closely surrounding unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.   

Darling made the point that the abuse of those publicly backing a No vote, including businessmen and celebrities, tends to star and stop “remarkably uniformly”.

Mr Darling added:

“All I know is it seems to switch on and off remarkably uniformly. Remember on the day we launched our campaign, one of our ‘ordinary people’ who appeared on stage was subject to the most violent online abuse. When she started complaining and there was quite a fuss, it all stopped within 20 minutes.”

Mr Darling was referring to Ceilidh McLeod, 26, who appeared on stage at the event and later received a string of abusive messages.

What is laughable is that Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr said:

“We have all got a responsibility particularly those of us in leadership positions in the debate to make sure the tone and tenor of that debate continues to be positive. Of course, after the referendum, we are one country and we will move forward together.”

So, why did Nicola Sturgeon do anything about the filming of a female BT activist, unlike the Bill Walker case, she cannot deny this time she had no knowledge.

Contacted via twitter by myself!

As of yet, no reply from the ‘social justice champion’.

Why isn't Nicola Sturgeon acting when a female BT activist was being filmed and felt intimidated?

 To quote her:

"We have all got a responsibility particularly those of us in leadership positions".

One thing we know about Ms. Sturgeon is she isn't prepared to accept responsibility, the money that goes with, the Ministerial salary, no problem.

Like her former colleague SNP Cllr Allison Hunter, Sturgeon is finding out that she isn't a leader of men.

Allison Hunter couldn't do leadership (pathetic individual).

Chris Stephens couldn't do leadership. (lack of and doesn't inspire loyalty).

Nicola Sturgeon (unlikeable and knows it).

Yes Scotland, the SNP front operating in Hope Street, Glasgow suggested more pro-independence supporters were subjected to online abuse than those who back the union, they described Mr Darling’s claims as unsubstantiated.

Presumably they don't read twitter then?

But they do, and they do regularly, one of their staff even follows the hate account georgemlaird set up to smear me.

So how can they say that Darling’s claims are unsubstantiated when their own staff 'enjoy' the fun?

As to Alex Salmond sticking to the lie of monetary union, you just have to check and see that the latest poll of young people are solidly backing Scotland staying in the union.

He and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon have run out time, they have run out of steam, they have run out of personnel, they have run out of ideas.

And the English voters who live in Scotland who account for 10 per cent of the electorate, will back the United Kingdom, 66 per cent of them are against independence.

I guess the 30 year campaign of grudge, grievance and malcontent wasn't such a good idea after all by the anti UK party, the Scottish National Party.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

On all the digital threads and forums cybernats sling racist abuse daily. The English are targeted nonstop.
I'm pro Independence but not because I hate English folk or England. What I will say is that I deplore the way the SNP have managed this campaign. It's been run on the lines of grudge. We're oppressed we're getting ripped of blah blah blah. Complete nonsense of course. My taxes and other people's benefits are uniform across the UK. Listening to the cybernats you would believe only Scots pay into the UK Treasury and the English are paid double benefits. Trouble is some of them actually believe this nonsense. And they will be voting in September.

Anonymous said...

It really is tiresome insisting on this line after being told on numerous occasions by numerous people and organisations that he's pissing into the wind. What would be in Scotlands and the rest of the UKs interest ( ho hum) would be plan b or c or d or e. He says he's got them so let's put them to the test. Before September.
The problem with the SNPs version of Independence is that everyone has to cede to all unreasonable demands.