Friday, May 23, 2014

European Election Special, Nigel Farage is jubilant after Ukip storm to impressive victories down south, polls in Scotland suggest that Ukip could have a Scottish MEP, Alex Salmond urges people to reject the intolerant agenda of Ukip” and sign up to intolerant agenda of the Scottish National Party.

Dear All

One man who is going to be jubilant today is Nigel Farage.

Today, he will have caused major headaches down south after yesterday’s elections.

He is predicting his party could hoover up 200 extra council seats.

And he feels that the European election results due Monday could be even better making Ukip a serious player for the 2015 Westminster election.

Ukip made significant wins in Essex and areas such as Rotherham, the Ukip brand and the rather catchy slogan of ‘enough’s enough' obviously appealed to the ordinary working class people, but not just them, right across the board.

Farage says the "Ukip fox is in the Westminster hen house".

Being in the hen house is one thing, having the chicken dinner is another.

Farage said:

"There are areas of the country where now we have got an imprint in local government. Under the first-past-the-post system we are serious players."

A disappointing night for Labour down south, where the party failed to secure control of councils in spots such as Thurrock but Labour did rally in London which must be some comfort.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander said the country appeared to have entered a period of "four-party politics".

This could take a while to bed in.

The Conservatives also feared they were having a good night either are set for heavy losses.

Education Secretary Michael Gove admitting voters had turned to Ukip to send a "very clear message", and the Liberal Democrats also suffered.

Although a message was sent by the public, you can expect it to be ignored.

A third of councils having declared results which saw Ukip gained nearly a hundred seats, they had put their target figure at 80.

They included 11 in Basildon to ensure it went from Tory to no overall control, and five in Thurrock to rob Labour of overall control.

In the north, Ukip showed it could pose a threat in the traditional strongholds of Ed Miliband's party, taking 10 of the 21 council seats up for election in Rotherham.

There will be a lot of very nervous Labour and Tory MPs around now asking if they will have a job next year.

Michael Gove on Good Morning Britain: 

"We know that a number of people have voted for the United Kingdom Independence Party in order to send a very clear message. They want to make sure that the Government delivers on the policies of controlling immigration, making sure that we reform our welfare state, making sure that we get a proper referendum in Europe and the instructions from the electorate are loud and clear. We appreciate and understand why people have voted Ukip, and in government we will make sure that we deliver on the priorities that people have clearly set out."

Asked if he would congratulate Ukip candidates on their success, he replied: 

"Yes, I would like to congratulate all of those candidates who won and wish them well when they serve the public and I would like to commiserate with those candidates who lost."

Former minister David Lammy who played the race card during the election said that voters were "swallowing" Ukip's message on immigration and Europe.

By calling Ukip racist, Lammy was saying that their voters are also racist by default; maybe he helped strengthen Ukip’s appeal.

The Lib Dems suffered another pummelling, which insn’t unexpected, the Lib Dems need to do something to reverse their fortunes, lying in public office hasn’t work out well for them.

Their own piece of good news came when the Lib Dems tighten their grip in Eastleigh.

This is the parliamentary seat they successfully defended last year after the resignation of former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne.

The Lib Dems have a good record on the ground which explains why this is the case, they are bucking the trend.

Nigel Farage is a very happy man; the Euro results may see him be even happier on Monday.

Playing the race card was the wrong tactic against Ukip, didn’t work for Labour and it might not work for others who played it.

In Scotland, the ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond made a desperate last minute call for voters to reject Ukip.

Polls have suggested that Ukip’s candidate David Coburn is on the verge of making it to Strasbourg.

If David Coburn does make it that means the ex Labour, ex Tory Candidate, English Nationalist (SNP Party) Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh won’t be going to Strasbourg.

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh didn’t get my vote yesterday.

Throughout the campaign, Alex Salmond urged the people of Scotland to reject the intolerant agenda of Ukip” and instead sign up to follow the intolerant agenda of the Scottish National Party.

No thanks Alex, the SNP is a 'rat ship'.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Hamish said...

"Jacob Rees-Mogg told the BBC : ".
Nice one George, well summarised.

G Laird said...

Dear Hamish

I think his quote got misplaced on the word document.

Thank you for pointing that out, I sometimes find typos and other bits which I need to brush up on when I re-read old posts.

Finally, I don't think unpopular Nicola Sturgeon will like you helping me. Could effect your chances if you want to stand as an SNP MSP!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

Poor, poor Hamish.
Like the Nazis the SNP will forgive anything. Wifebeating, abusing disabled citizens and
vote rigging amongst other
But not, I repeat not criticsm of
the Party or collaboration with
those who criticise the Party.
Yer tea is oot, Son.