Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Open letter to Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmond says Scotland is a ‘nation of drunks’, Yes Scotland portray working class Scottish children as dirty, filthy and neglected, last night in Glasgow, a well known homosexual SNP activist goes up a dark alley with a street beggar, who really is exploiting the Scottish people?

Dear Nicola

The Scottish independence campaign is a sham, the white paper is a farce, there is no vision, no plan so I would like to contrast two people, one at the top and another at the bottom of the Nationalist pecking order.

In Glasgow, as Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister, you sit at the head of a nasty vicious clique of what some people would describe as 'users', users of people.

Some of the people around you, I would consider to be real pond life, but Nicola you appear to attract them like flies to shit.

Anyway, the Scottish National Party says it stands for fairness, equality and social justice, they market themselves as 'People's champions', 'we are in this to help the poor' and all that other bullshit.

That is just utter rubbish as I see it.

Last night I saw one of your SNP 'colleagues' in the city centre of Glasgow

This is someone who you know well, a member of the lgbt community which is sometimes referred to as the 'gay' community. As I was standing at the bus stop, I saw Nicola's colleague rush past with a known city centre beggar who always looks dishevelled.

The beggar was wearing a rucksack on his back, they crossed at Jamaica Street and given the speed they crossed at, it attracted my attention. They then walked into a pitch black alley off Howard Street, nothing wrong with that you might say, they might be taking a short cut. This alley beside a pub which a woman was standing outside smoking a cigarette has only one way in and one way out.

So, the question, I would ask you, Nicola Sturgeon since this guy is a member of the SNP clique in the Southside of the City, is this; 'was this guy exploiting a homeless man?' If so how that fit in with the social justice that the SNP members claim to uphold? If you do a bit of digging, you could find a picture of him with several well known SNP figures from the Southside.

So, just to add a bit of further reality, Jamaica Street and Howard Street are covered by CCTV, if the press got hold of the tapes they could, if interested, id this guy. I would also say, across from that alley there is a CCTV camera because of the multi story car park so he would have been recorded entering it.

There is definitely a question to ask Ms. Sturgeon's SNP colleague of what he was doing in a pitch black alley with a well known Glasgow street beggar who operates around Central Station regarding whether he was exploiting a person for his own ends.

So, that is someone at the bottom end, excuse the pun!

I would like to turn the leader of the Alex Salmond Party, Alex Salmond, Scotland's 'jolly fat man' who is as I have been saying a liability.

I guess, as we have seen time and time again, that eventually people do come round to the George Laird view, it may take them longer, probably because they want to do the journey and work it out themselves but they get there. The SNP is a 'rat ship', this is what Salmond and you have created in Scotland and it is why Scottish independence will ultimately fail.

Alex Salmond has become a liability to the Yes campaign and could cost them the referendum.

This is the opinion of Jim Sillars.

Jim Sillars has an interesting take on it and says stuff which I have to say makes sense, I wouldn't sign up to everything he says but he has got a handle on the problem.

The Scottish independence referendum is all about one man, Alex Salmond, forget the crap of the 'talented team' other than John Swinney and Alex Neil, you would probably scrap most of his cabinet as a bad investment.  

Salmond already thinks or gives the impression that he has won independence, the reality is that his political life clock is ticking down to zero, like DNA; the longer he goes on the more corrupted his political life gets.

Sillars says that Salmond must “come down off his pedestal” and speak to ordinary Scots or risk costing his side victory.

Given the public can't trust a word out of either Salmond or Sturgeon's mouths as we have seen; who would want to listen? There comes a point where people say enough's enough and write off a bad loss.

Writing in Holyrood magazine, Sillars said:

"Almost every meeting I have spoken at, it has been necessary to emphasise that the vote on September 18 is not about Alex Salmond and the SNP".

Well sadly, it is, and denying that because there are Scottish Greens and SSP as cover, isn't going to fly with the public.

Sillars added:

"When it becomes necessary to repeat that over and over, it means he in his First Minister role has become a liability."

As the old saying goes, when you become story, you're finished.

He homed in on the attempt to elevate the role of First Minister to boost Scottish self-confidence had been overdone.

Sillars said:

"It’s time he toned down the First Minister thing and became just plain Alex, able to converse with people in the streets of the housing estates and through public meetings there, because that is where the referendum will be won or lost."

So, does that mean no more £2,900 a night ripping the piss out of the Scottish taxpayer?

Salmond who is lower middle class is dazzled by money, he likes luxury; he probably thinks he has an entitlement to it. All he is doing now is what I said he should do, grab as much as possible, go on as many foreign trips and run up a big bill.

Alex Salmond is finished as a political force.

Sillars added:

"The No side and its media supporters are making Alex the issue, and he and his advisers are helping them".

Scottish Labour’s constitutional spokesman Drew Smith agreed with Sillars that Salmond was putting Scots off independence.

Smith said:

"Alex Salmond has become a liability for the Yes Camp because of the dishonest and arrogant way he has put forward his case. It is clear that many people do not believe a word the First Minister says and are angry that he has put his referendum before the running of the country".

Scotland has been on pause since May 2011, and the SNP don't care, what they have done is pap.

Smith added:

"Nationalists like Jim Sillars are waking up to the fact that the Yes campaign has become nothing more than an SNP front and an extension of Alex Salmond’s ego. He has put himself and his views front and centre of the referendum campaign and it’s too late for his supporters to try to distance themselves from him."

A sycophant for Salmond said:

"Alex is a tremendous asset for the independence campaign, unlike Alistair Darling’s dismal leadership of the No campaign which has seen so much briefing against him and which has now left him sidelined in favour of David Cameron and other Tories".

That statement is bollocks, Alistair Darling hasn't been sidelined, far from it, Alistair Darling is still the leader of the Better Together Campaign.

So, two people in the SNP, one a colleague of Nicola Sturgeon up a pitch black alley with a known Glasgow Street beggar, and Alex Salmond.

Both of whom Jim Sillars cannot save, sometimes you have to let things go to the wall and be destroyed before any attempt at rebuilding can happen.

One thing; the Scottish National Party needs Nationalist leaders and that means neither Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon.

Yes Scotland currently have posters up portraying working class Scottish children as dirty, filthy and neglected, and in Glasgow, we have a well known SNP homosexual activist going up a blind alley with a dishevelled filthy beggar.

I think we know who the people are who are exploiting the Scottish working class don't we Nicola!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Name and shame him George.
if he wants to sue it will cost him plenty. But we would all take your word. Pity you didn't get a pic of the rampant filthy wee bastard.

Hamish said...

Dear George Laird,
Finally you have abandoned all pretence that you are not homophobic.
What does anyone's sexual orientation have to do with human rights at Glasgow University?
Or anything else for that matter.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

It is a pity that I didn't have my camera with me, it seems that Hamish who commented isn't happy.

Hamish doesn't like people telling the truth.

I have no reason to lie, and the area is covered by CCTV, so the SNP activist would have been recorded entering the alley with the homeless man.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Anonymous said...

Your reluctance to provide a name for this 'SNP activist' speaks volumes. You clearly support Better Together, so your attempt to smear the Yes campaign with this drivel isn't surprising.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"Your reluctance to provide a name for this 'SNP activist' speaks volumes".

No, it rather shows I have a working knowledge of how defamation works in Scotland.

Thanks for trotting out your ignorance.

"You clearly support Better Together, so your attempt to smear the Yes campaign with this drivel isn't surprising".

I am willing to take a lie detector test but leaving that aside, I don't lie.

Why should I lie, I am not one of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon's little nasty vile clique.

Speaking of liars, check out @georgemlaird, this is a hate account setup on twitter by someone known personally to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Known to her, know to SNP Candidates Chris Stephens, Natalie McGarry, Jonathan Mackie, Humza Yousaf's office manager Shona McAlpine, SNP Cllrs Mhairi Hunter and David McDonald among others.

Oh yes, and Police Scotland who arrested and charged him.

Hope this helps.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University