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Scottish independence: Scottish National Party MP Pete Wishart declares that he doesn’t believe in Nationalism, apparently he is a ‘democracy campaigner’ who campaigns for National liberation, fine; when is he ‘burning his bra’ and ‘getting his tits out’!

Dear All

Last October, I stood as the independent candidate in the Govan by-election.

I came 7th out of 14 people standing.

The by-election was caused the death of Allison Hunter who represented the SNP.

Hunter was allegedly responsible for training up the current crop of SNP elected officials and candidates, which probably explains why they are so inept, stupid and lazy.  

Allison Hunter wasn't a leader of men.

When people die, the usual rule of thumb is for people in politics to say nice things about them regarding what a wonderful contribution they made and how they had achieved so much for so many.

And also how well liked they were, in the case of Allison Hunter it was mentioned how 'helpful' she was to others, the kindly friendly type, hyped as a kind of 'aunty figure'.

In 2010, I was at the Westminster count, not being part of the Pollok SNP group that night, I went over to say hello. I was confronted by an angry Ms Hunter who accused me of not doing ballot sampling.

I hadn't been asked by anyone; that is the factual point I would like to make.

Standing in a group, she started to verbally abuse me when I made a joke of it by saying:

"Don't I do enough work for the party"!

This prompted her to start swearing at me in front of the people round her, I didn't saying anything back, not because I was scared but because I had made a promise to an SNP organiser that I wouldn't cause any incidents at the count I attend in order not to bring disrepute to the party.

I kept my promise.

Hunter couldn't act like a professional.

Allison Hunter, SNP Cllr, SNP Organiser, SNP election agent, SNP Group leader, Nicola Sturgeon's 'pal', touted by Alex Salmond as 'wonderful', was a wretched excuse for a human being. 

Inept, useless, lazy and a malcontent! 

She trained up the SNP!

One has to wonder, did she have any direct input into the training of Pete Wishart, SNP MP, formerly in a band.

The SNP have 6 MPs at Westminster, they are led by an Englishman called Angus Robertson who tries to do an impression he is Scottish.

He isn't.

Of the rest of the SNP MP group I would simply say..... poor politicians and leave it at that.

Back to Pete Wishart, apparently, it seems that he is away with the birdies, he has tweeted that he has “Never much cared for any ‘nationalisms’ whether Scottish, British or Whateverish.”

A Scottish Nationalist who doesn't care for Nationalism!

If you think back you can come across other odds statements he has made such as:

"I have never felt British in my life” and that “I do not even know what Britishness is."

This is the same line used by someone who attended the BBC independence debate, 'Arabs and independence', I was in the audience. 

He uttered; 

'I have lived in England for 10 years and I don't know what Britishness is.' 

He is also the same person in 2012 at the BBC indy debate with Isobel Fraser who said;

'we shouldn't ask questions but vote for independence and decide everything afterwards'. 

I am sure the BBC will have archived that footage of both programmes. You can't miss this guy he looks and sounds like a bam.   

Wishart's conversion has been compared to a member of Sinn Fein insisting their membership should not be taken as evidence of being a Republican.

Other bits of bizarre musings by Mr. Wishart are quite revealing: 

“Britishness will be a feature of an independent Scotland as we go forward and we are keen to develop and build new British institutions as an equal partner. I wholeheartedly agree with the positive historic image of ‘Britain’ that the Nos [ie, Unionists] present and shout a rousing ‘hear, hear’ when I listen to them talk of a Britain as the ‘idea’ that built the NHS and stood together in the war.”

Remember he said previously:

“I do not even know what Britishness is."

It gets worse, as he uttered:

“Independence can actually even reverse the decline of the idea of Britishness, a concept that has consistently been on the wane and which I feared might eventually go in a devolved Scotland”.

How the hell did he get past SNP candidate selection?

To be blunt, what kind of babbling shit is this?

Is this to reach out to English voters, or can’t he genuinely remember what he previously said?  

If you want to mock someone, use their own material, because if it changes but their circumstances don't you have to ask are they an opportunist?


“If someone had told me that I would now welcome my own Britishness a few years ago I would have almost choked on my jellied eels”.

In October 2012 Pete Wishart treated us all to this ditto:

“It’s time to reach out to that patriotic inner Scottish nationalist who resides in practically everybody who lives and works in Scotland” and “Our job is to unleash that inner nationalist”.


“Never much cared for any ‘nationalisms’ whether Scottish, British or Whateverish.”

Wishart goes on to talk about National liberation.

Perhaps he can post the date when Scotland was invaded?

I read a bit of history but as I recall the Treaty of Union of 1707 was a Treaty of Union, not a surrender document. 

The SNP are willing to say anything to get a vote, they may think this is smart politics, but in the age of the super highway of the internet, everything is remembered forever and cached.

When at Glasgow University, I had the view that incompetence should not be a barrier to employment, Glasgow University management apparently agree with me on that one, we agreed on little else as I recall.

So, I am fighting to keep Pete Wishart in a job at present by campaigning for Scotland to remain part of the UK. I don't want any thanks from him, this is a by product which works out in his favour.

Whoever trained him up as an MP did such a poor job, he rightly should have the option to file a complaint against them. 

Mind you given that he and the other SNP MPs have done no damage at Westminster politically, this could be a mitigation defence, plus the disciplinary committee would have to take into account he received an advantage in the form of a salary and expenses.

Finally, I would like to finish on a quote:

“I do not even know what Britishness is."

Pete Wishart SNP MP.

"There is a genuine lack of talent in the SNP!.

George Laird 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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