Monday, May 12, 2014

Scottish independence: SNP student leader outed in ‘race row’, David Cameron is attacked for being ‘English’, as the Nationalist campaign continues to crumb, the hate and bile will ramp up, expect more and more and more online

Dear All

There is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party, for decades some might say that there is a strong anti English sentiment among some of its members.

The SNP and its supporters are pretty quick to peg people as 'racists', something with cannot have escaped even the most casual observer.

Nationalists smear and smear and smear, then they smear, smear and smear.

The reason could be found in the work or lack of it they produce, abuse replaces substance.

Of course there is nothing wrong in telling the truth, the SNP however, are a party within a party which operates as a one man band using the 'cult of personality' around one single person, that man is Alex Salmond.

This has seen the development of 30 years of grudge, grievance and malcontent under various was it dubiously called 'SNP leaders'. Rather than develop into a political party it is a festering clique of hate and malice made up of various factions who are anti British for numerous reasons.

Now, the SNP is embroiled in a racism row.

What goes around comes around.

One of its student leaders has publicly called David Cameron an “English twat”.

Roisin McLaren is the President of Edinburgh University’s SNP branch.

The reason for her intervention (such as it is) was David Cameron who was pleading to save the union, after all who want that on their political C.V.? It seems Ms. McLaren decided to use the Guardian newspaper to say Cameron is a “toff Tory politician, who nobody here likes or voted for”, the 19-year-old dismissed his plea by concluding: “F*** off! If he If he’s had any sense, he would have kept his gob shut.”

She now says her comments  “open to misinterpretation”.

"Fuck off" isn't that quite clear?

"nobody here likes or voted for”, isn't that quite clear?

"English Twat" seems pretty definite what she was actually saying.

Miss McLaren has campaigned alongside Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minser Nicola Sturgeon and Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond.

Two people who spent years fostering their version of 'civic Nationalism' which incidentally is a load of utter rubbish to hoodwink Scottish voters.

Since being outed by the press, she has apologised for any offence caused.

Ukip which has been branded 'racist' by various Nationalists and their supporters quite right to point out that her comments in their opinion laid bare an anti-English streak in the SNP.

Ukip also correctly laid the blame for this as the door of one Alex Salmond who they said was stoking resentment among his party’s grassroots.

The SNP don't take responsibility for anything, apparently everything is the fault of Westminster, the sub text..... the English.

Nigel Farage, the Ukip party leader is trying to win a historic seat in Scotland, he faces a real challenge because the Nationalist smearers are out in force to discredit anyone, a Scottish Ukip MEP would be a very interesting political dynamic.

When Farage was previously in Scotland, he was the victim of an organised Nationalist campaign against him with people who knew unpopular Nicola Sturgeon pointing people in Farage's direction when he was in Edinburgh. Nigel Farage ended
up in a pub as a howling Nationalist mob of around 50 nationalists and socialists targeted him.

Some of the 'anti racists' called him a racist but demanded that he: “Go home to England.”

Go figure!

David Coburn, Ukip’s lead Scottish candidate in the forthcoming European elections, said Miss McLaren’s attack “sounds like racism to me”.

He added;

“But as far as I’m concerned the SNP is not the Scottish National Party, it’s the anti-English party.”

Coburn also said:

"This is Salmond’s whole project and he did it with students by not allowing English students to study for free when Scottish and EU students can. He did not have to do that but he did it to stoke resentment in Scotland and also English resentment of Scots. It’s clear some of these Scottish Nationalists are racist."

A spokesman for the pro-UK Better Together campaign criticised Miss McLaren’s remarks said:

"So much for the welcoming and friendly nationalism Alex Salmond goes on about so much".

And inside the Scottish National Party, working class Scots are treated as second class citizens as well, the conclusion that can be drawn is the assessment that the Scottish National Party is that it is a party within a party.

The Better Together person added:

“This kind of anti-English abuse from the SNP is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.”

A Scottish Labour spokesman described the comments as “puerile and offensive”.

He also added:

"Miss McLaren should reflect on whether she is an appropriate person to speak for young Nationalists, given her views."

So, at the end of another disastrous week which is becoming the norm for the Nationalists, there is a race row.

McLaren from West Calder in West Lothian, said:

"I accept that my comment was open to misinterpretation and apologise for any offence that may have been caused."

If the SNP aren't willing to sanction the Deputy Leader of the SNP at Glasgow City Council, Billy McAllister for threatening a disabled man then Ms. McLaren isn't in any danger. As to her comment being open to misinterpretation, she must think people are stupid as those in control of the SNP at present. And we should remember Nicola cannot afford to lose activists, she doesn't have that many left to count on.

"English Twat" seems pretty definite.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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