Thursday, May 15, 2014

European Election special, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon says vote SNP, the two SNP MEPs have the worst attendance record of any Scottish MEPs missing almost 1 in 5 parliamentary votes, Nicola Sturgeon scaremongers over Ukip, SNP not getting my vote

Dear All

I am sorry for posting late on politics but I had to do a post to Hamish who appears to want to smear me using the traditional Nationalist tactic of calling people ‘homophobic’, I pointed out to him that I am not, given I have no reason to lie, I just feel sorry for him as he descends into the Nationalist sewer.

The other Nationalist tactic of course is to call people ‘racist’.

Anyway Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minster Nicola Sturgeon says that the European elections are shaping up to be a contest between the SNP's "open and friendly view of Europe" and Ukip's "anti-European agenda".

Ms. Sturgeon gets a lot wrong, wrong on currency, wrong on EU membership, wrong of health, wrong on Abdul Rauf.

Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong……. just plainly wrong, staggering incompetence in fact.  

Ukip is hoping to get an MEP seat in Scotland, they seem to be doing very well in England and are on a roll, but the Scottish political scene is different because of the SNP.

Sturgeon says that only way to stop Ukip from gaining a seat in Scotland is to vote for her party's candidates.

Well, Nicola I can assure you, you aren’t getting my vote.

The Scottish National Party to be blunt has achieved nothing in Europe.

The SNP President was recently outed as paying his wife a hefty salary over many years, didn’t George Laird say the SNP is run as a clique and a party within a party for the benefit of the few?

Yes, I did!

Sturgeon said:

"I think as the campaign progresses there is absolutely no doubt that it is shaping up to be a contest between the open and friendly inclusive view of Europe that the SNP has, against the pretty miserable anti-European, anti-devolution agenda typified by Ukip."

That means swamping Scotland with uncontrolled immigration robbing working class Scots of a job and a future in their own country, presumably this is something that Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, an English woman supports to the hilt.

Sturgeon added:

"The only way to stop Ukip getting a seat in Scotland is to vote SNP, and I think it would be very appropriate and very desirable if (SNP candidate) Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh was to be the candidate who stopped Nigel Farage getting a foothold in Scotland."

Is this the same Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh who was in the Labour Party?

Is this the same Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh who was in the Scottish Conservative Party as a candidate?

Annabel Goldie, former Scottish Tory leader, said of her:

"She is clearly pursuing her own vigorous agenda. The fact we welcomed her, and her father, into the party rejects any accusation of racism. To switch from being unionist to separatist shows the confusion is not with the Tories, it is with Tasmina."

Clive Schmulian, Sheikh's election agent for the Scottish Parliament elections at the time, said:

"She was desperate for a high profile and has a huge ego but she was very politically naive. The SNP are welcome to her. She has very Right-wing views and will never fit in with the SNP. If anything she felt that William Hague was taking the party too far to the Left and held strong views on homosexuality, education vouchers and further privatisation in Scotland. She was very bitter about failing to make No 1 on the regional list. She will have a higher profile in the SNP."

Interesting in leaving, Tasmina accused the Tory Party of being racist.

Something which is very popular and common among Nationalists to smear people and organisations,

Sturgeon added:

"You can look at the statements of Nigel Farage or other Ukip members over a long period of time that paint a picture of an anti-devolution party. Nigel Farage wants to try to paint out some of the rather uncomfortable remarks that are on the record, that tells us what kind of party he leads."

As a leader of the premier anti UK grudge, grievance and malcontent party in Scotland, I don’t think people should take Ms. Sturgeon seriously.

Ukip in this Scottish election is the anti establishment party, a vote for the SNP is a wasted vote.

At the last election the SNP won two out of Scotland's six European Parliament seats.

Their list of candidates is poor, it’s a cronies list, and I am not just speaking of number 6, Chris Stephens who allowed an Asian man to be abused at Pollok SNP candidate selection meeting, but all of them.

Not one single ordinary SNP member selected again.

All SNP clique.

I wonder what Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh would say about the Pollok incident since she was pretty quick accused the Tories of racism?

The SNP say they pledge to "ensure that Scotland's interests are always defended" in Europe.

Apparently, from what I have read their voting record is exceptional poor, they might as well not be there.

The SNP have been branded “work-shy” with worst attendance and performance record.

The two SNP MEPs have the worst attendance record of any Scottish MEPs – missing almost 1 in 5 parliamentary votes. 

How are they ensuring that Scotland's interests are always defended?

It’s a lie, like all the other lies.

Last word, sorry, second last word to Annabel Goldie:

"She is clearly pursuing her own vigorous agenda”.

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh said to me, in 2011 that she never done activism for 5 years, her Tory election agent rated her as a very politically naïve, I would agree with that assessment, she is another one of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon’s publicly unelectable, if she does get in it will only be because of the system used to elect.

In a first past the post, she would get slotted everything.

If I am late posting on politics tomorrow it might be that Hamish has dropped by to call me a ‘racist’ citing:

‘What does anyone who calls the Tory Party racist have to do with human rights at Glasgow University?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

Tasmina is only a candidate so as to catch the Asian vote. Myself and every other snp member knows. There's some uneasiness among party members regarding her candidacy. Personally I regard her nomination to be a blatant racist move. Anger and bitterness will explode after the referendum vote. No need then to pretend everyone's singing from the same hymn sheet.
Who is she? Seems she's someone who's willing to bend her political views in order to elected. At any cost.
As an snp party member, I really hope she gets humped in the vote.
Never dreamed I could think this way.

Anonymous said...

Typical snp hierarchy. Selling snake oil and a carpetbagger to boot.
Sympathy extends to the mogatrons shoving bumph through letterboxes thinking some day they may get a shot at the title.
3 different political parties? Carpetbagger right enough.

Anonymous said...

The YeSNP are becoming quite desparate. The fake Kelly Brown claims of a suppressed poll showing a boost in the yes vote was desparate enough, but last nights 'interruption' to transmission of 'This Week' on BBC Scotland which exactly spanned Nigel Farages's contribution to the programme. Strangely enough when I switched to BBC South East on my Sky box, there was no interruption to service and the programm was broadcast in full. Spooky.
Could it be because Farage was making his pitch for the Scottish Euro Election campaign and attacking the SNP's stance on Independence?