Thursday, May 29, 2014

Scottish independence: The secret life of Blair Jenkins, he says that Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is an asset to Yes Campaign, support for independence is in free fall, Walter Mitty tells a better story with more flair, someone wake Jenkins up!

Dear All

Blair Jenkins is the Yes Scotland chief executive, Yes Scotland has been compared to being nothing more than an Scottish National Party front.

It is staffed by the SNP, funded by the SNP and run for the benefit of the SNP.

They loosely tag themselves a coalition because they got rag bag collection of other minor parties such as the Scottish Greens and SSP onboard along with some ex Labour people such as Dennis Canavan.

Although these people are making up the numbers, they don't really have any real control of Yes Scotland.

They are just windowdressing; this referendum is all about one man, Alex Salmond.

A vote for Scottish independence is a vote for Alex Salmond.  

Blair Jenkins has been talking about Salmond’s “popular and effective administration”.

What the fuck is he talking about!

Although he is politically out of his depth and sinking, it seems that delusion has set in, “popular and effective administration”.

For the last 3 years, the SNP Government has been on pause, the popularity that Jenkins attributes to Alex Salmond is all about a 5 year council tax freeze.

In the recent European election, 90% of the Scottish population didn't vote of this “popular and effective administration”.

So, who is Jenkins trying to kid?

He is trying to kid the Scottish people, the working class people of Scotland.

Let's talk about "popular".

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon left Scottish women to die of cancer by failing to ensure they got the same access to cancer drugs that English people enjoyed.

Mike Russell was given a vote of no confidence by teachers, he is Education Sec.

Kenny MacAskill is an outright idiot in charge of justice, destroying the right to a fair trial.

Alex Neil recently survived a vote of no confidence; all parties except the SNP demanded his resignation for misleading Parliament.

The burning issue of "injustice" in Scotland leaving aside the independence is a 'plastic bag' tax.

These people, Blair Jenkins says could help deliver a Yes vote in the referendum on 18 September.

Given they are members of a 'popular' government according to Jenkins; he still expects the independence campaign to lag behind the No camp in opinion polls until September.

He is clinging to a hope that in as the voting day approaches many Scots will only take the decision in the finals stages of the campaign.

Scots have already made up their minds; they did so when they were lied to by the leadership of the Scottish National Party.

We were lied to repeatedly; people know that Alex Salmond is running a 'rat ship', the refusal of Alex Neil to resign after lying in Parliament really is the cherry on the cake.

SNP is "popular" because the choice in Scottish politics is so limited, that doesn't count as popularity, so here is a moral maze question.

You find yourself sent to prison on remand, you have a choice of who you share a cell with; your choice is either a paedophile or a rapist?

Who is the more 'popular'?

Restricted choice doesn't mean you are popular, it just means people are picking what they believe is the lesser evil.

We are now about to enter the official 16 week campaign, the formally regulated period. The run up to the referendum with spending limits for both sides of £1.5 million.

The SNP don't as Jenkins says have a key advantage over the No side despite having control of the Scottish Government.

The SNP’s own polling shows that Alex Salmond sharply divides opinion, his 'jolly fat man' routine which he adopted to appear as some kind of good guy is just an act.

Scottish people have seen through him and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon like a sheet of glass, people know about SNP Vote Rigging.

And it isn't people unknown to the leadership of the SNP, you type the people who do it in Google, then type their names along with Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and guess what?

Salmond and Sturgeon know them.

The SNP isn't a political party although it is registered as such, it is a clique, a nasty vile poisonous little clique.

Popularity; who can forget when Alex Salmond came to Glasgow and was booed repeatedly by the Scottish public as he appeared alongside Scottish medal winners from the GB Olympic team in Glasgow’s George Square.

Or the look on the faces of the Scottish Cabinet as protestors of same sex marriage came to voice their opinions, the Cabinet looked decidedly unhappy, not about the fact people disliked them but rather that people publicly disliked them.

And are willing to show it!

Jenkins says Salmond has “charismatic” media profile would help defeat the leadership of the No campaign.

Alex Salmond was being “charismatic” when be blew up and called into question the integrity of Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University?

Jenkins said:

“I’ve never expressed a view that’s party political. But the fact that the SNP has been a popular and effective administration has helped the Yes campaign".

No, it hasn't, the campaign is a failure, it was a failure at the start and nearly two years later is has gone nowhere.

Jenkins added:

“Yes can put up people like Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon who stand to do well in broadcasting debates. It’s a lot easier for us as there are no obvious charismatic people for Better Together, whereas we’re spoilt for choice.”

Spoilt for choice?

Salmond has no eye for details and Sturgeon just shouts people down.

Jenkins thinks the failed campaign can pull back its poll deficit after an ICM survey of 1,003 adults puts Yes support at 34 per cent.

That is a fall of five percentage points since the pollster’s last opinion poll a month ago.

Recently I voted Ukip in the Euro election, Ukip won a seat, while in the SNP I called every election I took part in with a 100% accurate result, in the recent MSP by-elections, I was 100% right again.

So, my track record is pretty good.

In 2011, I walked out of the Maryhill & Springburn branch and wrote that Bob Doris who is in my opinion a cretin of unbelievable stupidity and laziness had no chance whatsoever of winning the seat.

At the historic SNP victory of 2011, Bob Doris failed to win against one of Labour's weakest candidates.

George Laird right again, and ahead of time as per usual.

I don't take anything that Blair Jenkins says about politics and give it any credit at all, he isn't a political campaigner, and in my mind, he is just spewing crap.

As unpopular Nicola Sturgeon knows, George Laird always gets it right, and I am 100% convinced that Alex Salmond has already lost the Scottish independence referendum, because it is all one massive political fraud.

Simply put, its bullshit, all of it, the wee phoney groups, the smear campaigns, the fake claims of momentum, the nonsense of having 'talented people', the whole lot is bogus.

Do I have any advice for Blair Jenkins?

Yes, forget writing the CV for head of an independent Scottish Broadcaster in his vision of an independent Scotland.

Like Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, you aren't going anywhere.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

I watched a vertically challenged policewoman swaggering down Crown St in the Gorbals with a gun at her hip before entering her vehicle. According to media reports this is common all over Scotland. McAskill totally botched the amalgamation of our police forces. Stephen House was allowed too much power. Your right, the SNP ministers are without a shred of intelligence or decency.
This is a right wing Government preparing to clamp down on the citizens of Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Sycophantic or what?
I wonder what this asslicker hopes to gain ?