Saturday, May 3, 2014

Open letter to Anon, you appear to say that VoteNoborders is a front for the British Government, could you supply what is termed in law real evidence, so far you have come ‘lite’, finally Salmond isn’t campaigning for Scotland to be run by Scots, does mean you have been had?

Dear Anon

“This grassroots campaign had almost half a million quid before it even had a website”.

Given the Weirs are rich using their Euro money to fund the SNP what is the problem?

 “It is registered as a company in London, fronted by a London financier and Tory donor -- and one of thethinktanks architects of Ian Duncan Smith's welfare cuts, Malcolm Offord”.

Again why is that a problem?

“VoteNoBorders is registered as a company in London run by Avanchi, a very high-end PR consultancy which has one of Edinburgh's poshest business addresses in Charlotte square”.

Not relevant, would you prefer their business was ran out of a lock up?

“It specialises in doing PR for countries - changing their image and making folk feel patriotic. It's run by one Fiona Gilmore. It does PR for countries -- paid for by governments. It lists countries it has done "nationbuilding" and PR for - Israel, Saudi Arabia and "England".

Travel broadens the mind, and they aren’t in Israel, Saudi Arabia and "England” but campaigning in Scotland, the mentality is different.

“It has been employed by the government to do just what it is doing now”.

Has it, send me a link that they have a government contract.

“Another of the folk in charge of VoteNoBorders is a Gary Waple - another high0-end banker, he workls for the Bank of England. A relative of Gilmore,(the families shared a Hamstead address) he is listed a few years back as a director of Avanchi too”.

I used to know a guy at university who went to work for the Bank of England, nice guy.

“VoteNoBorders was registered as a business on 18 March and registerd as a NO campaigner next day - born with almost half a million quid in its kitty: origin of the dosh not given”.

Do you know Tasmina, the ex tory, ex Labour Party member and now SNP MEP candidate? She set up a group and was given Scottish public taxpayers money very quickly, so your point is what exactly?

“This is not a grassroots campaign. It is a high-end government PR consultancy and family business”.

And Yes Scotland is an SNP front, so I guess, we will all have to live with it.

“We've all been had.

-- yours sincerely wee e”

Well maybe you have been, but I am sure that people will make their own minds up regarding VoteNoborders, with the exception of ‘Oh Yes’, they don’t have research skills, they just make bland statements.

Alex Salmond isn’t campaigning for Scotland to be run by Scots, so he isn’t campaigning for the Scottish people to run their own country, why don’t you look that up and then say loudly:

 “We've all been had”.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Voters in Scotland, ( especially those who believe their DWP benefits will rise) should understand the SNP are really Tories under a mask. Look at what they say and then look at their policies.