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Scottish independence: the 'tactics of intimidation',Yes supporter films a female Better Together activist, woman feels intimidated, SNP MEP Candidate Chris Stephens is removed by Silverburn security from their property at Pollok shopping centre, complete lack of professionalism in Nationalist ranks sees indy meltdown set to continue

Dear All

I used to be a member of the Scottish National Party, I was never a member of the Alex Salmond party.

In case you don't know, the SNP operates as a cult.

People in politics are now openly talking about the cult.

I thought that I had joined a political party, I hadn't, the SNP isn't a political party but a party within a party.

Anyway, I was put into Pollok SNP.

So, what I would like to do is make a few observations as to what I saw at the Sliverburn shopping centre yesterday as the SNP MEP Candidate Chris Stephens turned up with his unhappy Nationalists in tow. They have put up pictures showing them 'happy',........ posed.... natural.

The Labour Party was already there doing two events, one was the Better Together and the other was their party event. The Labour people had booked the site and had permission to be there. The guy in charge was someone I met when I stood to be the independent councillor in Govan last October. So, I was chatting away to him and was asked if I minded posing for some pictures. Being in a shirt and tie and looking reasonable smart I said okay.

To my surprise the photographer turned out to be from Scotland on Sunday.

I generally cannot be bothered getting my picture taken, even in the SNP, I rarely had my picture snapped, for me it wasn't a big deal but if I was to get it done, I wanted to be in a suit.

Anyway if the pictures make the press, then so be it, who cares, chip wrapper paper the next day. I just looked on it as a bit of fun, so anyway I thought I would hang around after to chat since the MP for Pollok turned up.

Then the SNP turned up, when they saw me, they didn't look too happy as they did what they tagged as their superEuroSaturday.

Five people turned up for them.

So, having got the bit I might be in the papers, they didn't ask for a quote! Let's turn to my former colleagues. They looked terribly upset and downtrodden, badly dressed, in fact I wasn't terribly impressed by the way they campaigned either. No spark, nothing, gosh, how things have fell on their arse since I left.

Remember, it was the SNP's  superEuroSaturday, the big SNP campaigning day.

SNP Councillor David McDonald didn't turn up.
SNP Councillor Shab Jaffri didn't turn up.
SNP Councillor Iris Gibson didn't turn up.
SNP Councillor Jim Torrance didn't turn up.

Apparently they are regarded as 'team players' in the SNP, incidentally, they never usually came out when I was a member of Pollok SNP either, year in year out.

As I was talking to a woman she told me she felt intimidated as one of the Nationalist Group started filming her.

What was the reason they were filming her?

That isn't standard campaigning practice, it isn't even good manners, but that is how bad things have gotten under Chris Stephens leadership.

Later on I contacted Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the head of Better Together Blair McDougall to inform them that a female BT activist felt intimidated by the actions of the member of the SNP Group that SNP MEP Candidate Chris Stephens was part of.

No reply from Ms. Sturgeon, apparently women being intimidated by Yes supporter doesn't move her, no concern, no reply, no action taken.

Nicola Sturgeon .......... social justice campaigner.

Next part of the eventful independence campaign was the Labour Party getting SNP MEP Candidate Chris Stephens moved off the concourse.

He didn't have permission to be there leafleting. So, the security turned up and he was moved. Didn't look too happy about that, but he should remember nearly three years ago, I said as an SNP member that the Pollok Centre management should be contacted to get permission.

George Laird right again.

This like a number of my suggestions wasn't acted on because people like Chris Stephens knows better.

The lack of professionalism at the Pollok event by the SNP wasn't unexpected, rather than dress to impress, they looked scruffy, however the 'candidate' looked like he had a cheap suit on.

Although he isn't going to get elected at the Euro election, image is important, however that isn't his worst defect, the shocking lack of professionalism is the main problem.

It seems that the entire Pollok SNP didn't turn out for him, the four Glasgow SNP Councillors didn't turn out for him, not even an appearance by unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, no MPs or MSPs.

No sign of Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond either.

The Yes side looked like a bunch of amateurs , it is said that former Councillor Allison Hunter taught many of the current SNP elected officials.

Judging by what I saw, she did an exceptional job of being inept, but then she wasn't a leader of men.

Time for a quote:

"It's not where you come from but where you are going".

In the case of SNP MEP Candidate Chris Stephens, he is going nowhere except back to the council.

Time for two more quotes:

"My problem is that I have too many talented people and not enough Cabinet positions".

Alex Salmond.

"Rather than the A Team, the party looked more like the GAY Team in nature".

George Laird.

But this Saturday, they looked well unhappy with an attitude problem, my view on shifting them was not to bother, because they are irrelevant, however, because of two incidents, they deserved to be pulled off the plot. I would say that the SNP need to get the big chip off their shoulders as soon as possible, whether that is possible is another matter.

As to the intimidation tactic of filming a female activist for Better Together, rather shows the Nationalists in their true colours.

Chris Stephens will never be elected FPTP in Pollok.

The Scottish National Party have made themselves irrelevant in Pollok, it is now an SNP paper candidate constituency.

Yours sincerely

George laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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