Monday, May 12, 2014

Scottish independence: the SNP try a new electioneering tactic, dressed in the style of ‘tramps’ in need of a hand out, Glasgow SNP Councillors take to the streets, ‘Mammy, a ‘tramp’ is at the door wanting to know how you plan to vote in the independence referendum’!

Dear All

The support for Scottish independence stands at a miserable 34%. 

After the SNP being in business for 80 years and running a crony ridden independence SNP front called Yes Scotland with Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as the 'face of independence'...... it is 34%.

As I said, Scotland's unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon isn't popular.

Recently, I had a laugh, I came across some pictures of Glasgow SNP Councillors campaigning as a group, why is this funny?

Well as a former SNP member, it didn't escape my notice who campaigned in the party in Glasgow and who took a back seat and did nothing.

So, that is my first thought on why their pictures I saw humour, these people forced out to work, classic and funny, you can almost feel their pain. The  second reason was even more funny. They looked like they were dressed like 'tramps' in my opinion, on their way to clear out someone's loft; I previously tried to put across in the SNP, the need to be smart, tidy and professional.

This fell on deaf ears, I would also add, given the Glasgow SNP Councillors looked so scruffy as they were out campaigning, having them knock on your door might prompt you to offer some, a 'bar of soap' and 'tips on style and makeovers'.

There is a woman in Govan who had strong views that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon should get her eyebrows done, how her husband did laugh, I laughed as well, well you do that in political campaigning, its about connecting with the public.

The third part of why I found it funny was Mhairi Hunter wearing a very much less fetching jacket which reminded me of the type of bright yellow wallpaper patterns that people buy when they are feeling depressed. Maybe she was wearing this jacket because "it was the right thing to do". Obviously she and her pal Nicola Sturgeon don't talk fashion very much as it seems as they are ‘standing up for rich people’.

Perhaps some of you have gone to someone's door while political campaigning and had someone say to you:

"What the fuck are you wearing"?

Well maybe not, most people have some degree of taste!

Anyway, more than half of voters are going to reject independence for Scotland in the referendum.

The scale of the defeat will obviously be 'the story', not the result, although nothing will be taken for granted by the pro UK side, they found that 54% plan to vote No in on September 18.

This number will get higher as factual matters replace SNP fiction.

Hope and aspiration have no part in this debate without a credible plan or narrative that the Nationalists don't have, all their work was a waste of time, money and resources.

12% of people are undecided, near the time, I would suspect that given the refusal to answer questions, they will transfer across and be a solid No vote.

An un-informed choice is no choice at all.

In a situation like that the status quo, although, not ideal for some people represents security and a degree of confidence.

The new poll follows on from a separate survey for Channel 4 News published on May 1 which found 51% of people questioned were planning to vote No.

The ‘don't knows’ or undecided is what both sides will be working hard on as the final stages of the campaign draws to a close.

Better Together leader Alistair Darling said:

"I am not complacent but I am not surprised by this poll. People are looking more closely at the consequences of separation - for their families, their jobs and the future of their children. I passionately believe that Scotland, my country and its people are better off staying in the UK. We can have the best of both worlds, with a strong Scottish Parliament with more powers, backed up by the strength, security and stability of being a partner in something bigger - the UK. Separation risks our future. For what? Alex Salmond refuses to tell us what would replace the pound, and can't tell us how pensions would be paid. It is realistic, not scaremongering, to expect answers to hard-headed questions of those who want to break up the UK."

Politics is about many things, one of which is professionalism, looking at the carry on of the Glasgow SNP Councillors dressed like 'tramps' in my opinion shows the SNP Group is nothing more than a rabble who are incapable of independent thought or even pride in what they do.

They just don't give a shit.

You might as well give them six cans of beer and deposit them on a park bench, once you have finished, collect them and send them home.

Finally, time for a quote, no, not the Alex Salmond one, let us leave that one for now:

"It's not where you come from that is important, but where you are going".

To buy decent suits from Slaters!

If you can't recognise that having a cheap suit on is required, why should anyone have any confidence that you could manage a council, let alone a country.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

They look like the loons who came to my door. I told them what they wanted to hear to get shot of them.
didn't want the neighbours confusing them with my pals.
lunatics, the lot of them.