Thursday, May 15, 2014

Open letter to Hamish, as the self appointed ‘champion’ for Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, you appear to condone the exploitation of homeless people, if anyone’s mask has slipped it is yours, care to do an article on why exploitation can be justified by SNP activists?

Dear Hamish

“Finally you have abandoned all pretence that you are not homophobic”.

I am not homophobic; I am anti poor people being exploited.

Typical Nationalist set piece smear on a par with the other great Nationalist term they use to discredit people, the other being 'racist'.

Do you condone homosexual SNP activists exploiting the homeless?

Judging by your ‘outrage’ here apparently you do, why is that?

Is this the brave new world that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon want?

Do you think it is acceptable to prey on people, I am really interested in the Hamish view.

Do you have a problem when someone relates a truthful story?

Or do you just have problems when George Laird relates a truthful story?

“What does anyone's sexual orientation have to do with human rights at Glasgow University?”

It has nothing to do with it, but we aren’t talking about that, we are talking about a homosexual SNP activist who took a homeless man up a dark alley in Glasgow.

We are talking about what I saw on the night.

Hold on, are you saying as a defence that what happened was a love story, a great romance, a homosexual SNP activist and a dirty filthy dishevelled known Glasgow street beggar?

Nicola going to the wedding? 

Invites Sent? 

Cake ordered!

You aren’t getting off that easy Hamish, if anyone’s mask has slipped it appears it is yours, you have come out as a person who condones exploitation.

Is the SNP supporting pro exploitation of the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged in your opinion?

Is it one thing in public for votes and another in private?

Perhaps if you weren’t an armchair 90 Minute Nationalist and had done the same amount of ‘trigger’ time in campaigning trench as me you might have taken the view that this was WRONG.

Hamish……. Ethics!

Nolan Principles, standards in public life.... that sort of shit!!!!!!!

All that education and middle class, and its an epic fail on a morality test from a Sturgeon cheerleader!

Massive the fail, epic the fail, much like the indy campaign run by the SNP!

Can exploitation of anyone ever be justified?

Do you have knowledge of this sort of thing happening before?

Is it widely discussed in the SNP?

Would Nicola Sturgeon approve if she was in a TV studio being asked by someone like Gordon Brewer?

Let’s see you answer the last question Hamish, do it....., do it for ....... Scotland.

Finally, while teaching at Glasgow University, I used to know many people from the lgbt community and had lgbt students I taught fitness to, so I will take no lessons from you Hamish.


Hamish ...........middle class, educated, pro exploitation, 'social justice' campaigner for Scottish independence, and cheerleader of Nicola Sturgeon.

The legend continues!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Name the little fud!
I'm effing outraged by little pricks like that. 2 bob in their pocket and they think they can treat unfortunate people like trash.