Friday, May 16, 2014

Open letter to Anon “Tasmina is only a candidate so as to catch the Asian vote”, surely as an SNP member there is nothing wrong with self promotion, “As an snp party member, I really hope she gets humped in the vote”, I guess she doesn’t have to worry about the opposition parties then!

Dear Anon

“Tasmina is only a candidate so as to catch the Asian vote. Myself and every other snp member knows”.

I was teamed up with her, she never done activism for 5 years, she told me that prior to doing a day on the Nicola Sturgeon campaign in 2011.

“There's some uneasiness among party members regarding her candidacy”.

Would that be because she has done effectively nothing of note in your opinion but promote herself?

Would that be because she is ex Labour?

Would that be because she is ex Tory candidate?

Would that be because she played the race card in the past against the Tories?

“Personally I regard her nomination to be a blatant racist move”.

Well free speech entitles you to your opinion, I am sure that Nicola Sturgeon would welcome your thoughts as an SNP member regarding your views on alleged discrimination in the party of the rich.

I always remind people to type SNP Vote Rigging in Google.

Is there anything wrong with Muslims in the Scottish National Party rigging votes and doing no work to get candidacies because they are close to the leadership of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon?

Why should Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon care if you or indeed any other party member is effectively cheated out of a candidacy?

If white people were signing up white people to get a white candidate would that be regarded as racist in the SNP?

Maybe Nicola can explain why that is acceptable in the SNP when it is done by Muslims.

Do you remember the Scottish Islamic Foundation that was a vehicle that help promote two SNP Asian Candidates, publicly unelectable Osama Saeed and Humza Yousaf.

Ever heard of that organisation being mentioned by the SNP now?

They got public taxpayer money and the people in it were linked to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Osama Saeed had a trick at SNP by-elections, he would turn with kids and do no activism; it became so common that I remarked on it to several people in the SNP.

Tasmina is the Chair and Founder of the Scottish Asian Women’s Association.

Her organisation got public taxpayer money and she is linked to unpopular Nicola Sturgeon.

Would you say there is a pattern here?

Would that be join Nicola Sturgeon's Glasgow SNP and you can access Scottish taxpayer cash if your face fits?

“Anger and bitterness will explode after the referendum vote”.

Yes, losing can be a painful experience; however, there is nothing wrong with self promotion as Ms. Ahmed Sheikh does.

At SNP candidate selection, I made a point of telling other candidates that they should also put themselves forward to do presenting in our group as they wanted to keep picking me. I had to say this several times because I believed everyone should have an equal chance.

I was failed as not being a 'team player' by the selection panel. I can only assume that as they had no idea of team work and leadership, they were simply ignorant stupid people, at my farce of an appeal hearing was the SNP president and Euro candidate outed as paying his wife using EU taxpayer money, he was willing to accept a lie as evidence despite me saying show me one document or instance when I wasn't a team player.

A stupid little man who highlights my point regarding the lack of talent in the Party.

At present Tasmina is a ‘Nationalist’ supporter and fighting the good fight as an MEP candidate because there is something in it for her.

In layman’s terms, a huge salary.

I was accused of doing activism to be a candidate, the flaw in that spurious allegation was the large body of campaigns I did previously without putting myself forward. I like to ensure the lying Nationalist bigot community get the truth.

“No need then to pretend everyone's singing from the same hymn sheet”.

Well, as you know the SNP is made up of various little factions, some of whom aren’t Nationalists.

“Who is she?”

Notice that there is no mention of SNP activism in her bio.

“Seems she's someone who's willing to bend her political views in order to elected. At any cost”.

People have the right to change their mind.

“As an snp party member, I really hope she gets humped in the vote”.

Yes, she doesn’t deserve to win a seat.

“Never dreamed I could think this way”.

Well you are a member of a party which operates as a party within a party, working class members are treated as a form of cheap labour to do the work so Nicola and her allies can simply step in and get candidacies.

They don’t represent you and never will.

One thing which I would agree with English woman Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, now a ‘Scottish Nationalist’ was when she said Alex Salmond was "hopelessly out of his depth" and she denounced him as "utterly naive".

I wonder if she will be a ‘Scottish Nationalist’ on the doorstep if she gets gubbed in the Euro election and when indy is defeated.

Or will she simply disappear and come back when she gets another candidacy leaving you and others to do the work in her area?

Thank you for taking the time to write, maybe Hamish will come by and accuse you of being ‘racist’, if he has stopped sulking over ‘alleygate’.

Should I tell you the Scottish National Party doesn't stand for 'fairness, equality and social justice', might as well, you can get the message out, don't feel bad about being conned, I was duped as well.

Finally, you should read this: 

This guy worked for Alex Salmond, Scotland's 'jolly fat man'.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Hamish said...

Dear George Laird,
As a fair-minded person, I would not accuse you of being racist
I have seen no evidence of that in your articles.
Xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic you certainly are in trumps, and it is not a smear to point out that obvious fact.
Do you ever read your own articles?

I don't see that you have any major policy difference with Anon on this matter. Maybe you are peeved that he expressed his views first and more eloquently.
Or that as a confessed SNP member he is automatically suspect.

Anonymous said...

Most of the Natzi party's activists are either unemployed or on the sick. They believe if Independence happens there benefits will rise enormously.
I've had the odd conversation with some of the great and good Natzi's. Those activists are in for a really nasty shock. No one in the Natzi hierarchy is expecting anything but austerity for at least 10 years and only then will we be back to the present levels.
But hey, the goal now is to win. At all costs.