Monday, October 5, 2009

Annabel Goldie plays the mad old auntie at Tory Conference

Dear All

Political Conferences are places were people run off at the mouth, it’s the heat, the lights, the crowd and the Telly cameras!

Annabel Goldie is saying that a Tory victory at the next election would help save Scotland from the nationalist "threat".

Wake up dear, the people voted in an SNP Scottish Government at the ballot box!

Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie has vowed to fight "tooth and nail" against what she claimed was Alex Salmond`s "creeping nationalism".

What Ms. Goldie refers to is that the people who express their democratic will at the ballot box by voting SNP are creeps.

In an odd cry she challenged the SNP leader to debate with her "any time you want"!

Why would Alex Salmond want to bother?

The Tories are stone cold dead in Scotland.

Ms. Goldie further goes on to tell the Scottish First Minister that;

"It`s time to put up or shut up."

Sorry, he hasn't the time for every crank who wants to hold Scotland back.

You be 'too little, too stupid and too poor' if you want to but Scotland is moving forward.

Another gem in her rant was when she said;

"David Cameron has pledged a relationship of mutual respect between our British and Scottish Government”.

No such statesmanlike approach from Ms. Goldie and no one is buying Cameron’s mutual respect line in Scotland either.

Ms. Goldie then attempts to belittle the SNP by stating;

“The SNP is irrelevant at a British general election”.

There is only one Tory MP in Scotland, there are seven SNP MPs at Westminister, so who is an irrelevance?

Come the General Election, there will be more than seven SNP members of Parliament.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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