Friday, October 30, 2009

Labour Candidate William Bain's last train to Glasgow Central

Dear All

Labour Candidate William Bain is flapping, here is an open secret; the Labour Party can’t get ordinary people of Glasgow North East to go out for him.

Bain is so unpopular locally that if it wasn’t for his paid English Minders and drafted Parliamentary MSP Researchers, he would be walking the streets in this by-election alone.

Alone in his ill-fitting raincoat!

No one knows him even in his supposed “heartland”.

For the last few days; he has been running what he describes as a “Rip-Off Roadshow” but despite several attempts even the press are not interested let alone the public.

Today, Bain goes with his big choo choo train story.

The GARL story is a dead issue in Glasgow North East; it has been for weeks and shows how William Bain and his English run campaign have run out of steam.

It’s a train story with no traction.

Like his campaign, it has been shunted into a siding by the public and left there.

Here is a video to illustrate William Bain’s Campaign;

He has so far done Planes, Trains and I am waiting for Automobiles.

So why did the SNP cancel the GARL project?

Money, money was cut from the Scottish Government budget by the UK Labour Government.

The choices were damaging essential frontline services or lose the rail track.

It was no contest for the SNP to put people first.

Something Bain can’t understand.

Another part of Bain’s master plan is to try and build up resentment between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

It’s an indication of how badly Bain understands politics, people don’t register a hate vote against cities; they are a lot brighter than Bain and his English Minders give them credit for.

On the 12TH November 2009, the people will be delivering a vote for SNP Candidate David Kerr for change.

A source tells me that the Labour Party have briefed the press they are already expecting a bad vote.

So, the clock is ticking and for William Bain, it’s the last train to Glasgow Central.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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