Monday, April 25, 2016

The Great Escape continues: Glasgow SNP councillor Billy McAllister quits "Stalinist" SNP as he says the Nationalists have become power mad and “intolerant” of free speech, it seems that no one with any sense wants to stick around on Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘rat ship’

Dear All

It seems that all is not happy among Glasgow SNP Councillors, the former Deputy leader of the Council group, Billy McAllister has resigned from the party after being a member for over 20 years.

No stranger to a ‘rammy’, it seems that this time round, Billy McAllister has said that he was gagged over concerns he raised about the governance of a local food bank.

Food banks are a popular gimmick in the SNP to try the gullible that the Nationalists care for working class people; this was used extensively during the Westminster 2015 campaign.

It isn’t being used in 2016.


Have a guess, okay, lets press on, the SNP are riding high in the polls so they don’t need the gimmick, people still need foodbanks though but the SNP are running with the slogan, ‘I’m with Nicola’.

And because they are saying that they don’t want to draw attention to the fact that the poor are still suffering after having a massive landslide last year.

Apparently, McAllister has said that the SNP is becoming like Scottish Labour and said he is “very sad” to resign.

Of course there is the issue that he has been given a "final written warning" over his "behaviour toward colleagues".

This begs the question, are the colleagues anyone that the Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell been as SNP Chief Executive been told about in the past?

McAllister was elected in 2006 as the councillor for Milton after a by-election and rose to become the party’s deputy leader on the local authority before his fall from grace.

One wonders with the council elections coming up in 2017 will he jump to another party or stand as an independent councillor.

One thing which Billy McAllister has got right is that the party leadership in the city is “intolerant” of free speech.

In the past Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Billy has a great track record in helping the local community as an activist, but he will be able to do so much more as a councillor. I want him as part of the SNP team in the city chambers that stands up for our communities against Labour misrule.”

Nicola apparently prefers SNP misrule instead, if there is an SNP Council in 2017 in Glasgow, the city will be stripped of funds.

No one at the council will be able to do anything as the SNP in Glasgow is firmly under Sturgeon’s wee gang, and they are all sycophants around her.

 The SNP is a rat ship as I have continually said, you may also remember another piece of George Laird wisdom; eventually the rats will turn on themselves.

McAllister said of the Nationalist junta down at the Chambers:

“It’s turning into something that I’m not wanting to be part of. They are just power mad. They are getting carried away and don’t want to live in the real world.”

On the leader of the SNP Group, Susan Aitken, he said:

““She’s been a total nightmare...She has given me no support whatsoever.”

After his public spat with black activist Graham Campbell, the partner of SNP MP Anne McLaughlin, McAllister was removed as Deputy as Campbell played the race card, but it seems that the Fiscal wasn’t buying into Campbell’s version.

Afterwards McAllister wasn’t re-instated as deputy despite the case being dropped, not part of the Sturgeon clique, the position went David McDonald out of the Pollok branch.

So, what will happen in 2017, will Billy McAllister stand in Milton on his record as an independent?

Will he join another party?

Will he join the Lib Dems?

Stay tuned.

Finally, check out my wee video of the McAllister saga, I quite like it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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He's right in one respect. The SNP are just like Labour. Hopefully they meet the same fate.

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Anonymous said...

Would be interested to see if you have actually investigated into billy mcallister, don't think he is all sweetness and light. In fact I'm sure if you did a bit of digging you would find he not a particularly pleasent person himself.