Friday, April 8, 2016

Glasgow SNP Councillor Glenn Elder turns up at the Vote Leave Campaign political event in Glasgow to do covert photography, then takes to twitter to lie about a young man called Ben Sears, during the Scottish indy ref Nats had a tactic of filming BT women, is Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP rolling out tactics of intimidation for the #Brexit Remain Campaign?

Dear All

During the referendum, the Scottish National Party members and their allies used a tactic of intimidation on women from Better Together.

The intimidation ran to deliberately filming them as they campaigned on the streets of Scotland.

Why did the Nationalists specifically target women?

Easy prey!

What was the filming used for?

Was it used for sexual purposes?

Was it used for research?

Was it just used as an intimidation tool?

I don't know, I am just asking the questions!

The filming of women was a low for Nicola Sturgeon’s failed and miserable campaign, the people usually filming for the most part appeared to be simple minded in nature, and in some cases looked like dishevelled dirty old men.

Now, it seems that the tactic of covert recording is back and is being done by an Glasgow SNP Councillor Glenn Elder.

Yesterday, the Vote Leave Campaign were campaigning in Buchanan Glasgow, during the event, SNP Councillor Glenn Elder turned up twice mobile phone in hand standing off at a distance to record a young man called Ben Sears.

Here is what SNP Councillor Glenn Elder said as he bragged about his rather sinister creepy episode:

“The "aloneness" of a Labour activist, canvassing - Buchanan Street, today”.

So, several issues crop up here.

1/ The creepy nature that SNP Councillor Glenn Elder conducted himself.
2/ The putting into the public domain false information.
3/ The disregard for the Nolan Principles of standards in public life ie honesty.

After being caught twice, SNP Councillor Glenn Elder ducked in the Argyle Street Arcade on Buchanan Street, apparently Elder doesn’t like people observing him as he goes about his creepy sinister behaviour.

Oh, and by the way for the benefit of Elder, I have downloaded the page for evidence just in case the young man target wishes to make a formal complaint to the Commissioner for Standards in Scotland.

It appears that Elder isn’t very bright, in his reference to ‘aloneness’ which has the meaning:

“aloneness - a disposition toward being alone. lonesomeness, solitariness, loneliness. friendlessness - being without friends. reclusiveness - a disposition to prefer seclusion or isolation”.

Given that Ben Sears and the rest of the Vote Leave Team actively engaged with the public, nearly 1500 leaflets were handed out to the public where is the reclusiveness, where is the isolation?

Also, given SNP Councillor Glenn Elder doesn’t know Ben Sears, how did he arrive at the defamatory smear that Ben Sears is friendless?

It seems that SNP Councillor Glenn Elder has a disposition to being a lying bastard.

Bastard meaning:

“an unpleasant or despicable person”.

"he lied to me, the bastard!"

Ben Sears is not as SNP Councillor Glenn Elder said a 'Labour Activist'; at no time during the event did Elder approach any of the Vote Leave Team operating in Buchanan Street to speak to them. He never spoke to the host Ben Sears.

Ben is not a member of any political party!

It seems that Nicola Sturgeon’s Glasgow elite aren’t very elite at all, oh dear, how sad, never mind.

I wonder, do the residents of the Linn Ward know that SNP Councillor Glenn Elder does creepy sinister covert photographing of a young man?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Sherbie. said...

Surely,secretly filming members of the public for political purposes is not legal,,,, is it????

robert sutherland said...

The SNAZI intimidation tactics employed by the SNP/Muslim coalition in the referendum being used again, democracy is a word these people don't recognise.

Anonymous said...

VERMIN Georgieboy vermin

Sherbie. said...

George, secretly filming a member of the public for political purposes is against the law.

G Laird said...

hi sherbie

filming and taking pics not against the law.

that being said, I observed SNP Cllr Glenn Elder on two separate occasions during the day, perhaps a question to him among others is why did he feel he needed to stand so far back in order to photograph this young man?


Sherbie. said...


Sherbie. said...

Sorry George, I got Ben's surname wrong, should have wrote Ben Sears. I think Ben Sears should make a complaint to the police, over "harassment" by Elder, in a public place.

G Laird said...

Hi Sherbie

Filming and photography in a public place is legal, however given the comments made by Glenn Elder, that is something for Ben to consider.

Here is a third party view of the event by someone who turned up to interview one of the activists that day.

Note the part he says:

"And right enough, I stood and watched the ‘Leave UK’ campaigners on Buchanan Street, handing out leaflets and engaging in conversations, which many of passers-by seemed to take to quite well."

This is completely different from the impression that SNP Cllr Glenn Elder put up on twitter.