Tuesday, April 26, 2016

East Kilbride SNP supporter Duncan McLean decides to threaten George Laird , he says, “we determine to exterminate you all”, bumbling country yokel lays bare the fraud of inclusive SNP Nationalism once and for all, adding “Your days are numbered Mr Laird”, Holyrood 2016 turns sinister as Nationalist promises revenge on political opponents

Dear Mr. McLean

“I do so approbate that you luxuriated in your loony unionist convention, hope you and your nut job acquaintances found some crumbs of comfort and shoulders to cry upon, as we determine to exterminate you all. The SNP will reign supreme today, tomorrow and always”.


Are you a Dalek or are you pissed while writing this total and nonsensical rubbish?

“Note how little was done to celebrate the birthday of your precious queen”.

My precious queen, so far as I know, I have never had an invite to tea, but I look at this situation as the SNP leadership showing off how small minded and petty they are, they are led by Nicola Sturgeon after all.

“How we laughed as Paddy Grady set our police force upon a sectarian upstart, who dared to fly the butcher’s apron from her balcony”.

Thee Paddy Grady?

Never heard of him, is he a big deal out your way?

Backward is the best description of the current SNP isn’t it?

“Your days are numbered Mr Laird”.

I heard that off bigger pricks than you in the past; guess what, still here, and giving people like you the middle finger.

“Alba belongs to us now. We grow stronger by the hour. Our total control spreads ever further in every section and institution of Scottish society”.

If you want to do verbal and literary masturbation would you not be better to find a bus stop, that way you can have a captured audience while you rub one off.

“When the sun rises at the dawn of our brave new independent Scotland, there will be no place in it for the likes of you”.

Didn’t the Nazis say the exact same thing to the Jews?

”As I have said before, do not underestimate me, the higher echelons of the SNP have long memories and we do not forget those that have dared to cross us”.

I haven’t underestimated you; you are an idiot from East Kilbride.

As to making out that you are in the higher echelons of the SNP, I am very much singularly un-impressed by that statement.

You think because the SNP run a shitty wee office in Edinburgh that somehow you clowns are as important as a multi-national?  

In the past you said you ‘know’ Alex Salmond doesn’t impress me, let’s be blunt, who are you anyway?

Basking in reflected glory is it with you?

As to the SNP having long memories, funnily enough so do I and I don’t forgive either.


“Èisd ri gaoth nam beann gus an traogh na h-uisgeachan”

Which means “Keep a low profile until trouble passes”.

I don’t speak Gaelic; it is a load of shite.

Also I don’t have a low profile; I am one of those people who destiny has called upon to say F you!

Try and remember that McLean, this is important.

Are you out campaigning scratching for votes in the provinces, talking rubbish and putting on a fake smile, and telling people how wonderful that the SNP is by doing nothing of note?

Finally, a halfwit like you on a doorstep is a sure comedy hit alongside Linda Fabiani, sadly I don’t live in the area so I am denied a comic turn, and the opportunity not to vote for your bunch of blowhards.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Does this clown realize that this is a two edged sword georgieboy?

If anything happens to you ....


Freddy said...

They really are an obnoxious shower of excrement George, (How we laughed as Paddy Grady set our police force upon a sectarian upstart, who dared to fly the butcher’s apron from her balcony”.) This was about a North Glasgow grannie who allegedly was told to remove the Union Flag because it was deemed sectarian i'm not sure how true it is but it was doing the rounds on facebook. Sums them up right enough just keep rattling their cages :)

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

I noticed that the SNP have taken an interest in me on twitter using the discredited I am homophobic line.


Then we have the attack by Duncan McLean, I wonder if the SNP Pollok campaign isn't getting a good reception in Pollok on the doorstep?

The clown called Jonathan Mackie on the link is Chris Stephens office manager, he is just a prick, and was a follower on the hate account setup by Tommy Ball called @georgemlaird.

That account was to smear and endanger my safety.


Freddy said...

Seen that George if they are going after you like that they are rsattled.

Anonymous said...

Another Ron Pickering George.
He'll read this. Check this out Big Duncky. YouTube Ron Pickering

Big Mad mental Duncky fae East Kilbride???? Na, never heard of the fanny.

S said...

People like that lump of offensive dross McLean should be prosecuted for spreading hatred. No wonder business confidence in Scotland is falling by the day. Schools are failing, hospitals too, then we have USELESS JERKS like Aileen McLeod MSP, who can't even answer questions on the environment, (her brief), because she's been GAGGED by the SNP dictatorship. We see SNP councillors resigning and leaving the SNP, because, as one said recently, "they are power hungry". Look at the way STURGEON IS BRAINWASHING SCOTLAND'S CHILDREN. That is VERY SINISTER. She wants to appoint "COMPLETE STRANGERS", TO HAVE MORE SAY OVER SCOTLAND'S CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN, THAN THEIR PARENTS. Very sinister, and certainly NOT WELCOME.

G Laird said...

Hi Freddy

"Seen that George if they are going after you like that they are rattled".

It seems that little old me has upset them, I am wondering if Humza Yousaf isn't getting a good reception on the doorsteps in Pollok.

As to the claim that the SNP delivered 55,000 letters to voters, nothing has come through my door on the way to the bin yet.


vonnyk61 said...

Keep up the good work x 😊