Friday, April 29, 2016

Scrapping the bottom of the barrel: Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon says Holyrood should have right to call referendum within weeks if country ‘dragged’ out of EU, in the dying days of the Holyrood vote, the SNP resort to a sordid con trick on the gullible to whip up support as polls show SNP is dropping

Dear All

It seems that the hypocrite which is Nicola Sturgeon has said she could call a second independence referendum within the next two months if the UK leaves the European Union.

Oh how me sides are splitting!

Firstly, the referendum to leave the EU is a reserved matter.

Secondly, the chance of the SNP getting what is called a Section 30 order by Westminster is absolutely non-existent.

Thirdly, everyone at Westminster hates the SNP.

Fourth, the people who voted No, less than two years down the line haven’t changed their minds.

Sturgeon is a hypocrite, she doesn’t want independence, it isn’t in her manifesto, and on top of that Scotland if it was independent would be out of the EU anyway.

To join the EU, Scotland would need to meet the criteria of pre-entry, own currency, own central bank, and the books balanced over several years, and we aren't even at the issue of ‘veto’.

The veto is a mechanism which allows any EU member state to simply say no to Scotland having membership, and there isn’t a damn thing Sturgeon or her crew can do to avoid that roadblock.

Don’t you just love Article 49 of the EU Charter?

So, what is Nicola Sturgeon doing?

Sturgeon is trying to ‘scare up’ votes for the Holyrood election, nothing more, it’s a tactic, it’s a gimmick, it’s a rip roaring con trick on the Scottish people who the SNP think are gullible enough to swallow it.

Some are though because they don’t look at the small print or just casually accept any old nonsense.

Scotland wouldn’t be dragged out of the EU against its will, because the individual nations are not casting a vote, people are casting a vote. The use of language shows that Sturgeon thinks people are mugs. Look at what she is actually saying.

‘Holyrood should have the right to "propose" a second vote on independence the following day’.

The key word here to look at is not "propose" but the word ‘should’, this means no legal standing, just SNP grievance monkey stuff.

This nonsense is an old chestnut, without a Section 30 order, no legal vote can take place, on top of that there would be no official campaigns because this would also not be sanctioned by the Electoral Commission.

No Better Together Campaign would be run.

What the SNP want is the ability to call a referendum when they wish based on polling and if they think they can win it.

That will not be happening, neverendum creates an unstable environment, it also creates hatred, a feature developed by the Nationalists and their allies through the last Scottish referendum.

So, let’s see what the shop soiled great white hope from Dreghorn is actually saying, and try and get a handle on things.

Sturgeon was asked what her judgement would be on June 24, the day after the EU vote, if Scotland chose to remain in Europe while the UK opted to leave’.

She replied:

"I think in those circumstances the Scottish Parliament should have the right to propose a second referendum.  Whether or not I would be of the view that the Scottish Parliament should exercise that right would depend on a number of things [such as] the margin of the vote in Scotland versus the rest of the UK.  But I think in those circumstances such would be the democratic outrage of Scotland being taken out of the European Union against our will, that I think we would pretty quickly see an overwhelming demand for a second referendum."

Firstly, exercise the ‘right’, how can you exercise a right when the right doesn’t exist?

Plainly speaking, you can’t, this is made up mumbo jumbo.

Democratic outrage?

A few Nationalist bams going for a wee walk with or without flags doesn’t equal democratic outrage, the SNP lie is that Scotland is voting as a single vote, it isn’t, this is the SNP lying to Scottish people, its a deep contempt.

I am campaigning for Vote Leave, the reason is simple; the national and economic security of Scotland is at risk alongside the rest of the UK. There are many issues, but ask yourself this, why is Nicola Sturgeon willing to sign up to the EU when the EU is un-democratic?

I have posted this link before but I am going to so again but it is important that people understand how the European Union works, and how little say that Scotland and the rest of the UK has in terms of influence.

How many of these bodies are directly accountable to the people?

In the lunacy of the SNP, they think they can trick Scots into believe that an independent Scotland can simply slide across with going through membership and avoid the veto of member states using Article 48.

It is rubbish.

There is no legal way round the veto of members.

The SNP manifesto has already earmarked potential triggers for another vote on Scottish independence, they keep using words like inevitable, two things are however inevitable, death and taxes.

SNP manifesto is mumbo jumbo, once people realize the SNP are ‘dafties’ their day in the Sun will come and go, much the their failure on 18th September 2014, you see…. A bam is a bam for all that and all that!

Nicola Sturgeon is a shallow hollow inept vacuous  individual clinging to kids to make out she is a caring individual, the mask, the reality is that she is a horrible creature full of bile, lies and deceit.

The women of Govan had plenty to say in 2013 about her at the Govan by-election, fast forward to 2016, they still do and the hate is there with a passion.

Sturgeon wants to run an independent country, she can’t run her Govanhill ghetto, and baulked at attending hustings in the area.

The SNP want to scrap the pound, setup a temp currency, dump that, join the Euro and have access to the European Central Bank.

If Nicola Sturgeon does pull the ‘trigger’ on a second independence referendum, and tries to go ahead with an illegal vote then she could wake up one morning finding Holyrood shutdown.

But that won’t happen, Sturgeon has been ‘bought’, it is just a matter of time before the muppets in the SNP twig to it, once they get past the bile of Sturgeon.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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stunning post Georgieboy

Anonymous said...

A bit like trying to keep a train going by laying the track ahead of it as it keeps moving. Well, she's going to end up with no track at some point, and when that happens the 'Lying Scotsman express' will come right off the rails.