Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Defiance: former SNP Deputy Leader Jim Sillars openly defies unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and her cult to campaign for RISE Candidates at Holyrood 2016, Sillars says he couldn’t care less if he was expelled, poor Nicola Sturgeon, when you’re not a stunner, guys look elsewhere, you’ve got nothing Jim Sillars wants

Dear All

It seems that from SNP Deputy Leader is openly campaigning for RISE Candidates in the Holyrood 2016 election.

One slight problem, he is still a member of the Scottish National Party, and could be said to have ‘sacred cow’ status which makes kicking him out a problem for the great shop soiled white hope from Dreghorn, Nicola Sturgeon.

SNP mythology has Sillars on a pedestal much like Winnie Ewing or the ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond.

Anyway it seems that a direct attack is out of the question and would reflect badly on Nicola Sturgeon that a ‘hero’ of the revolution (Scottish region) would be flung out. So, it seems that the SNP leadership has decided at present to remain ignorant and deaf to what is going on.

Especially in the run up to the Holyrood election, perhaps afterwards the former Deputy Leader will be chucked on the dung heap, or maybe the SNP Cult will spin a line that Sillars was doing this to drive down the amount of Labour seats, and they knew all about it.

Regardless of spin, what is clear is that Jim Sillars is standing 100% behind Nicola Sturgeon.

In cometh the stalking horse however in the shape of a former SNP councillor writing an open letter to Jim Sillars calling on him to quit the party.

Edinburgh councillor Jim Orr said he felt compelled to write the letter. His reason was that Sillars was taunting the SNP' by saying he 'couldn't care less' if the party expelled him for campaigning in support of Rise.

How much is SNP membership worth if you aren’t a member of the Cult?

Do you know?

Let me enlighten you, it is worth sweet FA.

As to Jim Orr saying that he had lost faith in Sillars, he wants him to 'do the decent thing and resign'.

Piss off, it is better to ignore what Orr is saying and do your own thing, how can doing what you believe in not be decent anyway?

In the letter Orr wrote:

"I have a lot of admiration for you Jim but I've lost faith in you. If you believe in Rise, then go and join them and put your heart and soul into helping them. If you're an honourable man you will do the decent thing and resign from the SNP rather than have the last years of your often distinguished career become synonymous with goading the SNP to dare to expel you."

If you want a further laugh Orr claimed Sillars' 'day of reckoning' comment had undermined the credibility of the Yes campaign.

Not at all, what undermined the Yes Campaign was the continual lying of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, Sillars had his day in the Sun; now his day is gone, gone forever!

Orr added:

"To your credit, you campaigned hard and well for independence up to the September 2014 referendum. But then you did more to undermine the credibility and positive ethos of the Yes campaign than anyone else on our side when you issued your “Day of Reckoning” threat to No supporters. This was a hammer blow. Tens of thousands of No voters saw a bitter and twisted side of the Yes campaign that actually barely exists outside of groups like the so-called Scottish Resistance."

Orr seemly forgets that Nationalist abuse was wide spread, it was a minority as portrayed; it was an organised and co-ordinated campaign of abuse directed at opponents, like myself.

So, what would I like to say to Mr. Orr?

You are a clown Orr!

Last week in Sunny Govan, the RISE mob launched their campaign assisted by Jim Sillars, it seems that the SNP line of #bothvotesSNP didn’t agree with him, actually in this election I am campaigning for #bothvotenotSNP.

It is against SNP rules to campaign for a rival party in an election but given these people are lowlifes anyway why stick to the rules when you don’t respect the people you are campaigning with.

Be radical, be an independent thinker, let’s face it would you on reflect campaign for trash like Natalie McGarry who is the cuckoo in the nest at Glasgow East?

At the Glasgow launch, Sillars said:

“I don’t think I’m actually in any danger of being expelled and therefore joining the pantheon of Alex Salmond, Margo MacDonald, Kenny MacAskill. They’ve all been expelled but I never have been.”

Post Holyrood, if there is a significant drop in the SNP vote, and if Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t get her fairy tale but our nightmare then the Cult will come looking for blood. They will all sit around and fester for a while before they pick a victim.

Maybe the ‘sacred cow’ will be slaughtered, after all no such thing as loyalty in the SNP.
“There may be trouble ahead
But while there's music and moonlight and love and romance
Let's face the music and dance“

It seems that Jim Sillars has decided that the political love affair with the SNP is over, and now wants to screw Nicola Sturgeon.

In Max Keiser terms, it is called ‘Politically ass raped’........... gender fluid permitting!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Stuart 64W said...

The best laugh in Jim Orr's article is this;

""It seems that you've scarcely understood that the SNP and the wider independence movement are based on Scottish values such as tolerance of the views of others, and that we've always needed to win over No voters rather than threaten them."

Now as if that was not funny enough he follows it up with this;

"when you issued your “Day of Reckoning” threat to No supporters. This was a hammer blow. Tens of thousands of No voters saw a bitter and twisted side of the Yes campaign that actually barely exists outside of groups like the so-called Scottish Resistance."

The lack of self awareness is quite astonishing...

Smudge said...

#bothvotesnotSNP for me too George. Ohh, and I don't know about anyone else, but that SNP channel STV and their advert for the STV app is getting on my wick. I hate the SNP background music too. STV,, the SNP brainwashing channel,,,, I'll watch the programmes, most of which are made elsewhere, but I'll NEVER watch or listen to their biased news. Anyone remember the STV Hogmanay Show with Sturgeon and her SNP supporting family and guests,,,, yuk,,, said it all.

Anonymous said...

Everything she touches turns rancid. Mutterings about her capabilities are being whispered. I believe her old grandaddy of a husband is too greedy. When oh when is enough enough?
Not long now for her.
Maybe her constituents will give her a short sharp wake up call come next month.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant George. I never agreed with Sillars politics, but he's old school & you got to respect him for standing up for his beliefs. Compare that with the current crop of pussies who sell themselves out for the Cult.
He better watch what he puts on social media though, or the state police will be ordered to chap his door for 'hate speech'(...or put simply, having a different opinion from the Cult!)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone want to screw her anyway



Anonymous said...

I complained tomstv over the political imbalance and bias on Hogmanay.
They told me I was wrong!
Says it all