Friday, April 15, 2016

EU Remain campaign rolls out the ‘big guns’ in the shape of Alistair Darling as he brands Brexit campaign "Project Fantasy", if you take the time to educate yourself on this issue, you could ask Alistair Darling the question, why are you turning your guns on the people?

Dear All

During the Scottish independence referendum many people doubt Alistair Darling as being the right man for the job to head up Better Together.

I didn’t I put my money where my mouth is and said he was the right man at the right time in the right place.

As it turned out Alistair Darling proved he was to a strong asset and a steady pair of hands.

Today, Alistair Darling is in my opinion on the wrong side of history and the people, he dismiss the Brexit campaign to end Britain’s membership of the European Union as “Project Fantasy”.

During the Scottish referendum, someone stupidly called the Better Together campaign ‘project fear’, it seems we have a reworked hash of old material because people don’t want to look at the facts.

So what are the facts that Alistair Darling wants to dismiss as fantasy?

 Billions are lost to fraud and waste.

Damaging rules often come from lobbying by big multinational corporations trying to eliminate competition from entrepreneurs.

The Common Agricultural Policy increases food bills and damages African agriculture, food bills in the EU are 18% higher than the rest of the world.

Europe’s economic problems are getting worse; the Euro severely damaged the Greek economy.

We have seen a continual undermining of democratic government, the Dutch held a referendum, guess what the EU in its wisdom decided to ignore the result.

It is poisoning relations between nations, as demonstrated by Angela Merkel who decided that a migrant quota system should be imposed on member states, is that democracy or is it something else?

So, what about the Status quo argument, recently someone said to me that by me campaign for Brexit, I am endangering his job, his colleagues, a vote to ‘remain’ is not a vote for the status quo that is because there is no status quo.

Do you know the current annual cost of EU regulation to the British economy?

Willing to take a guess?

It’s a whopping £33.3 bn.

Here is another fact; we send £350 million to the EU every week. If we have the courage and refuse to listen to the scaremongering we can spend this money on our priorities.

We can rebuild schools, especially in Scotland, where the bad news is that 17 have been forced to shut; we could build new hospitals, our money building our infrastructure for the benefit of people regardless of nationality living in the UK.

So, there are plenty of facts out there, plenty of facts, the Remain campaign much like Yes Scotland are trying the don’t think trick, just believe us. Unlike Scottish independence which was the real project fantasy, this time round, the truth can be accessed by you.

Jump online and you can start reading, make your own mind up, the migrant crisis focused people’s minds, with a series of terrorists’ acts right across Europe, leaving is a logical choice; it’s a matter of national and economic security.

David Cameron made a huge big deal about going to Europe and getting concessions, he got nothing of worth, he didn’t get what people wanted; he got crumbs.

I don’t blame him, he tried, when he failed, he tried to change the debate to focus on other issues which angered a lot of people.

I wasn’t angry, I knew he would fail even before he got on a plane to Brussels, you can if you read up, always spot a ‘dog and pony show’.

The European Union is actively making workers across the continent poorer; this is from a top Brussels finance chief, German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel. He conceded that the EU's policies are depressing the earnings of low-paid workers and pensioners, who he patronisingly dubbed "the little people".

You can read this here:

Tomorrow I will be attending a briefing for Vote Leave in Scotland at the Grand Central Hotel for volunteers and supporters to hear about the campaign in Scotland.

Finally, I was a huge supporter in the past of the EU, but the EU is not what Britain signed up to back in 1973 when Ted Heath, the Conservative Prime Minister took us in, it has gone badly wrong.

Sometimes, it is better to cut your losses and walk away, need something to read, go read up on Greece and the EU, the country sucked dry, bankrupt and loss of sovereignty, democracy destroyed and assets sold off.

Educate yourself, don’t simply accept anyone’s word.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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