Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ukip activist Jack Neill makes a fool of himself by 'Blacked up', wearing a wig and red nose in the bath, social justice warriors spring into action to brand him ‘racist’, this is the state of politics in Scotland and why it dying, the press are to blame also for entertaining the un-appointed Thought Police and giving them credibility

Dear All

Politics in some respects is a funny old game, it is also a dangerous old game, not only can you not trust the opposition, you cannot trust even members of your own party.

My advice if you are a political activist, don’t trust anyone, don’t tell anyone about your personal life and be careful who you associate with.

People have a habit of letting you down while at the same time expecting you are loyal to a fault with them.

Ukip in the Uk had periodically been labelled as racist, this isn’t surprising, this also happened to the Conservatives, on her way out the door, Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh branded the Scottish Conservatives racist.

Playing the race card is for some people part of their politically DNA, they can’t win the argument so seek to label and smear people to control their right to free speech.

Watch this video as Milo Yiannopoulos explains why you should hate these bastards with a passion.


So, let’s get back to the UKIP activist who was pictured with his faced "blacked up". It was a silly stupid stunt which brought the angry hateful left to his door and ended up in the press. Having made an arse of himself; we now have Jack Jardine, who is standing for Ukip in the Mid Scotland and Fife region wading in by saying the ‘blacking up’ was a treatment for acne.

Does part of the treatment also include a wig and big red nose?

Would I say that Mr Neill is a racist?

No, I would say I couldn’t go there simply based on a picture, a silly stunt however has plunged Ukip's Holyrood election campaign into chaos.

Regardless of what the activist did or didn’t do, it is amazing how the left has jumped straight away to make accusations of racism.

Rather than looking at Neill, I am more interested in the people making allegations, of course, I am a victim of crime as people know, during a hate campaign directed at me, I was called paedophile, racist, homophobic, homosexual, sexual pervert and misogynous.

All the classic Scottish National Party labels against opponents who the supporters and friends of Nicola Sturgeon take particular joy in using to great effect.

The incident has prompted the University of the West of Scotland, where Neill is a criminal justice student to launch an inquiry into his behaviour.

So, what can they prove, is it against the law if you believe this was acne treatment to use it?


Is it against the law to wear a wig?


Is it against the law to wear a fake red nose?


Is it against the law to take a photo wearing all these items?


This begs the question; what kind of inquiry can the University of the West of Scotland make?

Also, Jack Neill has the right to freedom of expression, a human right, so does the university intend to put their version of human rights to supplant Neill’s right.

Milo Yiannopoulos in his videos makes a very valid point; he says that the social justice warriors in the press, politicians and academia are all lying to us.


A Ukip Press spokesman Gawain Towler said:

"He’s a kid. He’s an idiot. He is pulling silly faces on his Facebook page, sitting in his bathroom with a silly clown nose on. He put a face mask on his face surrounded by bubbles. But it is in no way malicious, no way racist. He should be aware of how things look. But this is not malicious in any way. If the University of the West of Scotland wishes to investigate they will find an ordinary student behaving in an ordinary way, in the safe space of his own bathroom. He’s a berk. He’s a prat. But does it deserve the caterwauling of the politically correct? "No. We’ll slap his wrist for being a berk but there was no malice in it."

Politically correctness and language policing is described by Milo Yiannopoulos as horseshit, he also makes the point that the best person to tell you what to do is……… yourself.

So, the next time someone tries to intimidate, harass, bully or victimise you, tell them to fuck off, you don’t need acceptance by a load of bastards who hate you, you don’t need to know their views, you don’t need to listen to them.

But you have a moral duty to let people know about these shallow hollow fake social justice warriors are who are polluting our society and destroying our way of life.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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