Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tony Blair’s former henchman Alastair Campbell says Brexit 'plays into the hands of Islamic State', Russian president Vladimir Putin and possibly Donald Trump, Campbell’s speech to Irish business leaders is a joke, do they simply forget how they suffered under the EU?

Dear All

One of the increasingly popular modern myths under construction at the moment is that Britain voting to leave the European Union would play into the hands of Islamic State terrorists.

This load of rubbish is being punted by ex-Downing Street spin doctor Alastair Campbell who was Tony Blair’s PR guru.

Blair you may remember signed up Britain to join the ‘crusades’ in the middle east, instead of fighting a holy war, it was about oil and destroying secular countries which have been replaced by puppet governments run by idiots and breeding terrorists like rabbits.

We all know this because we can all remember being took to war on a ‘lie’, well actually it was a series of lies.

But let’s not forget, afterwards they did say ‘sorry’ of sorts, phoney intelligence could have happened to anyone.

Someone however did get rich out of the conflict, the American corporations who got billions in contracts to re-build after the war, except the re-building didn’t go to plan.

Alastair Campbell has joined the Remain camp it seems as he gave a speech to a conference in Dublin, this was to rally business leaders, I don’t know about you but I don’t care what someone in Eire thinks about Brexit, and I suspect that many will think likewise.

A while ago back in the day, Tony Blair had his sights set on being The EU President, but he never got the call, it seems that Blair was as unpopular over in Europe as he is in Britain.

A guy sells out his entire country and no one it seems wants to let him forget it, mind you he did get a medal out of the Americans!

And a few quid via employment opportunities will major banks.

Campbell is saying:

"No serious overseas player thinks we should leave, unless it suits their agenda" he will tell the Irish Business and Employers Confederation. Putin probably. Isis definitely. And, depending what mood he is in, Donald Trump. That's about it on the international scene."

Of course he conveniently forgets:

What Campbell is trying to do is get you to think that in your mind anyone who wants a Brexit is an extremist so that you think twice about backing Britain taking back political control.

Ask yourself this, is Europe a safe place at the moment?

Brussels, Cologne and Paris fancy a trip there, think it is okay to wander about as you may have done in the past?

Angela Merkel directly imported terrorism into the heart of Europe by her gross stupidity, she is will also be responsible for the future increase of domestic terrorism on the European mainland.

In real terms, it doesn’t really matter to Russian president Vladimir Putin that Britain does an exit from Europe, we are not exiting from Nato, and as we all should know Britain doesn’t have much influence as David Cameron’s failed EU deal rather graphically and painfully exposes.

Europe is too undemocratic to be reformed; here is something to look at.

Do a bit of reading and see how many you can find are directly electable by the public.

Are you shocked that so many EU institutions are making decisions affecting your lives and you have absolutely no say whatsoever on their direction or can make them accountable to you.

Much is said about destabilising Europe, too late that was done by Merkel and the migrant crisis.

On mainland Europe there is a rise by the far right because German people are afraid and their politicians are ignoring people, it is a recipe for disaster.

If you do the reading you come to the conclusion that Alastair Campbell is running a con on you, and he wants to get business leaders (who only speak for themselves) to front a smokescreen.

I don’t care what President Obama thinks.

I don’t care what President Putin thinks.

I don’t care what Isis thinks.

I don’t care what people in Eire think.

I care about democratic, government by the people for the people, not the sham we have now of government for the corporations and big business.

This is the reality:

In rounding off his Dublin speech, Campbell added:

"I urge you the Irish with a legitimate interest in the outcome, and genuine concerns as I have been hearing in recent days, to get stuck in. Yes, only the British people will decide. But you can be influencers, and you must be. It is a legitimate and necessary thing to do. Please do it. My country needs you."

I would say to the people of Eire, remember when you got absolutely financially ass raped by the EU?

Finally, I would say to the BBC who stop by the blog, when are you going to put someone like me on TV instead of these hollow unprincipled individual who have continued sold this country down the drain?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Well said George. Im fed up hearing people bleating on about not being told info on this. Every bit of info is available online for anyone to read or view & make an informed decision. I think it used to be called research & maybe still is!

Another thing is the amount of discussion about what will happen to our relationship with EU if we simply beggars belief. There WONT be an EU (in its current form anyway) as it is a financial disaster zone & it will break up, with one referendum after another when they no longer have our contributions.

And finally Campbell...what a prick! Lets analyse the "oversees players" he refers to...Puppet western leaders, global banking & corporate cabals, global media, the stinking IMF etc etc. In other words, every single part of the global elites & their puppet servants onboard the EU gravy train, (none of which i have heard a decent arguement for remaining from), or put quite simply...all the greedy bastards!!


Smudge said...

Fuck off Campbell,,, treacherous arsehole. The UK would be a thousand times better without traitors like you. VOTE LEAVE.

Anonymous said...

spining clown campbell