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Wakey wakey; Labour candidate Mary Lockhart claims the Scottish Labour Party is ignoring 30% of the membership who voted Yes in September 2014, are these the same people who week in and week out don’t do activism in branches, Labour lost its heartlands because some people elected to public office couldn’t give a toss about representing the poor

Dear All

Do you know why a lot of poor people backed the Yes campaign?

The clue is in the sentence, the word is ‘poor’.

For decades, working class people have seen that their situation has gotten worse, their chances denied, opportunities more or less non-existent, no hope, no prospects, stuck in limbo with a corrupt politician system with nepotism and cronyism a hallmark.

People were angry prior to the 2014 independence vote which is why a large number of Scots wanted to simply leave the UK egged on by false promises of nirvana, and a land of milk and honey.

Today on the bus on the way to the library, two women on the bus were talking about how the Scottish independence referendum was rigged. It was the old stories regarding people counting the ballots some of which were flung onto youtube as proof we were robbed.

If you look at this video, particularly in the section regarding the young man, you will see he isn’t filling in X’s, he is actually writing, also note the size of the table, this isn’t a table were votes were counted.

But concoct a conspiracy and you will get the gullible to sign up to it.

In this election, the Scottish Labour Party is expected to do badly, a re-run it seems of Westminster 2015. This election has one thing which is noticeable there is no excitement about it.

This election is for the most part …… dull.

All the clichés are there, fairness, equality and social justice along with the other mumbo jumbo.

Some people in the Scottish Labour Party supported a Yes vote, some people like Russell Robertson, a Labour Councillor have jumped ship to the SNP; some other former councilors have joined the SNP as well.

Labour’s fortunes are looking pretty bad at the present moment, now we have a Scottish Labour candidate has said the party has to do “a lot of soul-searching” over whether to support independence.

If she thinks this will somehow get her votes, she is deluded, totally deluded.

The financial impact of Scotland leaving the UK would be a disaster, but for some people, they don’t care what damage they do to get rid of Westminster.

The laughable thing is that they aren’t campaigning for independence; they still want to be ruled by the EU,

Brussels calling the shots.

Scottish independence under Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP is no independence at all, Sturgeon is a hypocrite and her party or cult is a bunch of sycophants.

55% of Scots who voted in 2014 did so because they don’t believe or trust the SNP with their future or their children’s future.

Mary Lockhart, Labour candidate for Mid Scotland and Fife says that Labour had yet to recognise that 30 per cent of its membership had voted Yes in the independence referendum.

I say that the 30% were willing to take a leap into the dark because of they had nothing to lose, or thought they had nothing to lose.

But they didn’t think that through properly, Scotland would have financially collapsed, the oil price post indy is in the toilet.

Cuts, cuts, cuts would mean death, death, death!

Yes, death, the natural leveler, the health service under pressure now would be in serious trouble, maybe the dim could work out a suitable window of opportunity to campaign for indy where everything in the family health garden is rosy.

Post indy, if you are older, your chances of survival would be seriously dented as queues gets longer, and longer and longer.

Lockhart was speaking at Women for Independence event where she claimed that 50 per cent of Labour’s traditional voters voted Yes and was strongest in the party’s traditional heartlands.

This might also be the heartlands where some elected people in the Scottish Labour Party didn’t give a flying fuck about serving the people who put them into office, this is a more better explanation of Labour’s ‘problem’.

In the past Labour MPs could count on a sizeable vote so if they didn’t want to help someone they could just ‘fuck them right out the door’, one vote in the old days of Labour being dominant didn’t matter to them.

Does independence solved poverty, according to Nicola Sturgeon and co, indy solves everything, but that’s not true.

If you are poor now in the Union, you will be poor in an independent Scotland, the SNP aren’t going to make a better Scotland; they are ‘users of people’ much in the same way as an addict to get what they need.

Lockhart also said:

“The Labour Party is going to have a lot of soul searching to do. Kezia Dugdale has already indicated she is comfortable for Labour members to campaign for a Yes vote in a referendum.”

I am campaigning for Brexit in the EU referendum, which the Scottish Labour Party will follow the lead of the Labour Party down south to stay in, if Kezia Dugdale wasn’t comfortable about me doing that, I really couldn’t care less.

Lockhart says she spoke deputy leader Alex Rowley about the constitution.

How nice, buddies chatting away!

She said:

“I spoke with Alex Rowley about this last night and he said that he supported home rule. I asked for a clearer definition of home rule... Alex Rowley’s working of it out was a federal system of all the countries of Britain which might actually in the end include Ireland.”

Federalism is the last stage before independence, the arguments would then centre on immigration, how Westminster is punishing Scotland by not allowing it to grow, the signs are already there, remember the foreign student visa row?

And for the ignorant, remember; the more people in Scotland; less opportunities to get an education, a job, a house and a long term viable future, but the SNP don’t care about the working class.

Lockhart makes a point when she says that Labour has to do a lot of soul searching, because the end destination is to get those elected to represent people to do their job they are paid for.

It is time that the Scottish Labour Party started to campaign for the most discriminated group in Scotland, the working class, 2015 was a wake up from the voters, but it may require the people to give the Scottish Labour Party several more.

Conservative deputy leader Jackson Carlaw said:

“Kezia Dugdale refused to say at the weekend whether or not Labour candidates were allowed to back independence. Now we know why - while Scottish Labour claims to be the party of the union, its candidates are telling public meetings they support breaking it up. Mary Lockhart’s support for independence is well known and she has an honest position.
But if Ms Dugdale is whole-hearted about her support for the Union, why are her candidates who oppose the Union allowed to stand? Ms Dugdale now needs to make it clear whether she is happy for candidates like Ms Lockhart to campaign for independence or not.
The bigger question is how Labour can hold the SNP to account on independence when its own candidates support it? This weakness will only allow the SNP to push ahead with their plans for a second referendum, and stop us getting the better government we all want.”

Anyone who thinks that declaring that they support Scottish indy now, is looking like they are on a hiding to nothing.

I don’t see many or any indy lite Scottish Labour Candidates getting elected to Holyrood unless they get a high place on the list system.

Finally, if the Scottish Labour Party had taken care of the Scottish poor then they wouldn’t be the state that they are currently in.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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IF she wants to go join the fucking SNP let the ugly fucker join the SNP

I am a tory and I could do a better job of running labour.

The only thing that matters is JOBS , everything flows from that .

Great article Georgieboy