Thursday, April 28, 2016

First he did ‘Hope over Fear’, now Tommy Sheridan enters the ‘Hope over Reality’ phase of Holyrood comeback: he boldly says ‘I've a reasonable chance of returning to Holyrood’, if Sheridan makes it into Holyrood, the ‘good and the great’ will immediately snub him, on the bright side, he will stink the place up, a silver lining, you just have to look for it

Dear All

Do you remember Nicola Sturgeon’s wife beating pal MSP Bill Walker?

Battling Bill was a great cheerleader for the SNP, you know the type, squealing with joy and banging the table as Alex Salmond or one of the other sycophants made a bland point in the Holyrood chamber.

In secret, Bill had a habit of smashing in women’s face, not your typical superhero stuff, after all how many superheroes own an air rifle?

Prior to ending up in the clink, which is terribly popular with politicians, Bill was cast into the wilderness by Holyrood politicians of all Parties; suddenly he wasn’t ‘good enough’ to sit beside them.

Bill was lowering the artificial tone of the place, the image that only the great and good was exposed as a sham.

In due course there was a trial and a verdict to the 24 charges laced against him by the Crown Office, and he was found guilty.

The Sheriff called Kathrine Mackie said:

"Having regard to the gravity of these offences as a result of the cumulative effect of them, your extreme denial and complete absence of any remorse, and the assessment of risk, I have come to the conclusion that a custodial sentence is the only appropriate disposal. In my opinion, the repeated abuse and violent behaviour towards your three former wives and stepdaughter over a period of 28 years outweighs other factors."

High profile case like this with a guilty verdict generally ends with a spell in the clink.

Tommy Sheridan is on the comeback trail, like Bill Walker, Sheridan has been in prison, and the last time was the ‘biggie’.

After being released for perjury over lying in his News of the World civil case, the Judge said the Police should investigate after Sheridan won that and the world turned and Sheridan found himself facing a criminal charge.

My view right from the start was that Sheridan needed a trial lawyer, and that he hadn’t a hope in hell of getting away with it, too many witnesses, and a videotape.

I mean come on!

After his spell in the clink, the campaign trail beckon, and Sheridan is standing on the ballot for Holyrood, he isn’t standing in a constituency; he has no chance there, not even in the Pollok heartland of his youth.

So, he is attempting to piggyback his way into Holyrood using the list system and flapping about a second Scottish independence referendum.

As a tactic, it is a reason way to try and get Nationalist votes which for the most part would be totally wasted on the list in Glasgow.

Having Tommy Sheridan in Holyrood would be a laugh, however I need to clarify before a social justice warrior gets their knickers in a twist, what Holyrood needs is someone to lower the tone of the place.

To have Sheridan who was outed as a mad shagger and prison sentences up the ying yang would destroy the myth the great and good rule over us.

Of course Sheridan won’t be accepted by the ‘club’ at Holyrood but given these people are so shallow, who needs the approval of Nicola Sturgeon, Kezia Dugdale or Patrick Harvie?

Sheridan thinks Solidarity party has a "reasonable chance" of winning seats in the Holyrood election next week.

Personally, I have seen his mob out campaigning in Paisley Road West at Lidi, actually it isn’t far from his expensive home on the same road, so not much of a hardship, that said his little mob are ‘clued up’ campaigning.

At least at the street stall level.

It is said that Sheridan has not won an election in 13 years, in politics you have to play the long game, but Sheridan burnt his bridges when he destroyed the Left in Scotland, after his spat with the law and the SSP, he lost a lot of support from the voters.

Ego done for him!

If you mess up in politics, the public are generally forgiving, politician does a bit of extra shagging on the side gets caught, wife forgives and says she will stand by him, the public sitting watching this ‘soap’ want to hear the magic word.

Sorry is the magic word, however Tommy Sheridan didn’t say it, he went the opposite route.

Decided to go the route of an appeal, his right, but a loser in my opinion, he came up with a notion that because of the conduct of others that his crime could therefore be excused. In 2015 the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission declined to refer the case to the High Court.

I spoke to a Sheriff that I know in passing; the opinion was that Sheridan hadn’t a hope in hell.

Maybe at Holyrood if Sheridan gets in, he can campaign for evidence to be made illegal in criminal trials in favour of ‘stories’ plausible or not.

Solidarity's flagship pledge, if it wins a seat, is to bring forward an "Indyref 2" Bill that would facilitate a referendum in 2018.

Just to bring anyone up to speed, the Westminster Government will not issue a section 30 order for another referendum in 2018.

Laughable that Sheridan predicts victory in the vote, with 60 to 65 per cent of Scots backing Yes, Salmond had the same deluded thinking in the 2014; it seems that lying your way to achieve victory doesn’t sit well with Scots.

The SNP tried to use Bannockburn in 2014; Sheridan wants to use the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath.

Here is a question, why does Sheridan think a date in history 700 years ago will do it when the SNP ran aground with their 1314 nonsense?


Sheridan’s crowd have absolutely no chance in a constituency seat, like RISE or the Scottish Greens, so they need the list to get into Holyrood.

Finally, Sheridan is a good speaker but his place in the Sun has set but if he could get into Holyrood, he would really upset the apple cart. I don’t know about you but I would be laughing my head off if Tommy Sheridan got in, the stink that it would cause as he demands a second indyref and Nicola Sturgeon denying it would be a hoot.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

Well yes that's about only funny thing Sturgeon saying no, it would be worth it just for that George lol :)

dosher said...

i saw things when i was in Pollok and i looked in a window and saw somebody famuous in there pants. Geuss who.

Ken Fairley said...

Very good blog George, but really is any comment about shagger Sheridan worth the effort, surely the vast majority of the voting public know his predilictions and his nonsense take on politics? He should be ignored, I know this a difficult choice but the man is seriously deluded and too full of his own importance! . . . #SNPout and the rest of the anti-English/Unionist rabble!

Anonymous said...

good old any hole will do Tommy , shameless kunt, still he cant live forever

G Laird said...

Dear Ken

Thanks for the thumbs up, as to the Sheridan piece, although he is probably on a hiding to nothing unless there is a massive change in public, Sheridan is still famous but probably more infamous now.

Everyone likes a comeback story but only if the underdog is worth saving.

His tactic of using indyref 2 is a decent tactic but whether he can translate that into votes is another matter.