Monday, April 4, 2016

Once upon a time Europe was a peaceful place for all people, now things are changing for the worse, I believe that we are heading towards civil war, Europe is under pressure, sooner or later it will blow up into an orgy of violence and hatred not seen since the 1930's

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Anonymous said...

Its shocking George, & one of many. Heres a wee video that went viral on social media apparently, and makes you think. No matter your views on Trump, its not about him & simply uses the poem he read at a speech in Iowa.
I've said before George, this referendum is no longer about financial issues & wellbeing but rather the preservation of a civil society. If anyone thinks this is exaggerating...ask a German/Greek/Swede etc. The EU has only reduced the flow slightly, & the reports we see & hear of returns are nonsense IMO. The same nonsense we were told last year that they were all refugees! Then we have the issue of Turkeys membership. Nobody mentions that potential nightmare very much...and they're holding us to ransom even right now!

If we do remain in the EU & problems spread here as a result, at least we can watch this again in the future & reflect on our decision.