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Scottish independence: Labour MP Margaret Curran accuses the SNP using negative tactics, Salmond can’t present a positive case for indy, the lack of talent is so obvious, SNP MSP reads off a piece of paper during interview last night!

Dear All

The SNP keep saying their campaign is a “positive campaign”.

As we have seen like so much that is spouted by Team Salmond and Team Sturgeon that is just another lie.

The ‘positive’ is everything will be milk and honey in an independent Scotland, and the negative is their daily anti Westminister rant, because deep down; the lack of talent in the SNP don’t have a positive case to present.

When we are told ‘facts’ on serious issues we find out like we did over Scotland’s EU membership, it was all a lie, but worse than that, the SNP had never done the work and never asked about EU membership.

They simply got some people’s opinions and presented them as facts, this is outright deception.

You can have failed to notice that there is no positive campaigning, and when a question is asked, it isn’t answered properly by Alex Salmond.

He and Nicola Sturgeon will say anything to trick people into voting for them.

And the current joke ‘we can make our country into anything we want’ is not we as in us but whatever the SNP.

That’s Salmond and his 64 SNP MSPs; we have already seen how the will of the people is ignored unless your view is their view, so much for the enlightenment.

The SNP keep portraying the referendum as a choice between independence or a Conservative government at Westminster.

They say we are getting a government we didn’t vote for, but obviously that doesn’t apply if it is a Labour Government.

But their logic is that Scotland is the SNP, and since there are hardly any SNP MPs, Scotland will never get the government they voted for.

Labour's Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran said the claim was "simplistic" and would not persuade Scots to vote Yes.

In that respect, Margaret Curran is right, her pitch came as she delivered a speech to Labour members in Edinburgh, where she said the way to guarantee a more socially just Scotland was to elect a Labour government in the 2015 Westminster election.

She is a Labour MP, so this is self interest on her part, prevuiously at Holyrood, she jumped, taking the seat in 2010 from SNP MP John Mason, he didn’t do enough to hold the seat on the ground.

A majority for Labour of circa 13,000 votes!

Incidentally, John Mason was told twice, he wasn’t doing enough.

As part of her speech, Margaret Curran highlighted the minimum wage, record low unemployment and deep reductions in child poverty as achievements from Labour's time in power from 1997 to 2010.

However, the banking crisis and the lack of regulation hasn’t been pointed out, speeches have more impact if they don’t just paint a picture of everything is rosy in the garden.

She added:

"It should stand as a challenge to the SNP against their negative campaign that says all we can ever expect from a UK Government are actions that damage Scotland."

The SNP is desperate to try and restart their failed independence campaign, and as such is presenting unpopular Coalition welfare cuts as a key reason to vote for independence.

I didn’t know that the SNP was found in the 1930’s because someone thought in 2013; Scotland would need protection from welfare cuts!

The SNP is latching onto any issue simply to appear populist, this will not drum up independence support, because people know, that as much as people dislike the Tories in Scotland, people have seen through Alex Salmond’s ‘jolly fat man’ act.

The SNP say one thing in public and another in private, they cannot be trusted, just as someone called Iain Duncan Smith a ‘ratbag’, you could argue the same tag equally applies to Salmond.

Margaret Curran added:

"The SNP's suggestion that being Scottish is enough to guarantee social democratic ends just isn't true. Scots know that 'getting rid of the Tories' is too simplistic an answer for a decision that will last forever."


Well, I would say look at the cases of Cancer sufferer Anne Fisher and Joyce Juszczak, these case tell you everything you need to know about the social democratic ends of the SNP under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

Couldn’t give a fuck!

I find it funny watching Team Salmond and Team Sturgeon sinking, despite the bluster of Alex Salmond saying:

“My problem is that I have too many talented people ….”

If you watched Newsnight Scotland last night with Gordon Brewer, you will have seen Kevin Stewart, the SNP MSP ….. having to read off a piece of paper.

That’s the talent in the wings?

The Campaign for Scottish independence is dead, the rest is just smoke and mirrors, it’s a face saving exercise; anyone who works for Yes Scotland an SNP front is in the process of wasting 500 plus days.

All the SNP have is spin, there is no substance, and they have left it too late, the signs are there to see if you look closely at the Scottish Government under Salmond.

19th September 2014 is the political death of Alex Salmond at the ballot box.

Team Salmond/ Sturgeon are just a bunch of dumb bastards; they have to live of the ideas of others because they are devoid of original thought themselves!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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