Friday, March 22, 2013

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged to accept EU talks, the bottom line, Scotland would lose all the opt-outs we have as part of the UK, lose the rebate and have to join the euro, Angry wee Nat Ms. Sturgeon would hail that as a ‘good deal’

Dear All

Awhile ago Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was blow apart by Scottish Tory Ruth Davidson on the BBC Big Debate over never having asked about EU membership.

Since then, she and the SNP have tried unsuccessfully to force their way into the EU Commission only to be told to get lost.

The last piece of ‘starting a dialogue’ was a phoney talk at a think tank to try and hoodwink voters that the SNP Government was having a dialogue with stakeholders.

She might as well have been talking to the wall for all the good that did.

Now, the SNP have retreated from the European question, less cocky, Ms. Sturgeon found out that outside the SNP where she has no power, her presence doesn’t carry any weight.

An interesting titbit has emerged Nicola Sturgeon is facing pressure to accept an offer from Latvia to discuss an independent Scotland's membership of the European Union.

This is incredible because she can answer no questions of real meaning; she would have to admit that legally Scotland isn’t at present an EU member in its own right, and that Scotland’s position and rights are far from secure.

At this point, I would like to remind everyone, the UK opts are not transferrable, that means no rebate!

Latvian Prime Minister, Valdis Dombrovskis, has invited SNP Ministers to Riga and with the SNP Government effectively being a one man band, and Ms. Sturgeon not exactly being Einstein on her feet, they should stay away from such talks.

The only reason for attending would be if the SNP thought they could pull over a photo op, but their track record on the EU is appalling.

At every stage it is a car crash.

Lavita is to hold the presidency of the Council of Europe in 2015 and would direct the EU's response to any bid for membership, however, in Europe, it isn’t all brotherly love, and at international level the SNP fail to shine, their niche is domestic politics based on a lie that they are standing up for Scotland.

However, I keep remembering Anne Fisher that is the true nature of the SNP under Salmond and Sturgeon.

The SNP is a North East Scotland dominated provisional party and post indy failure once Salmond goes, the party will collapse because Nicola Sturgeon isn’t exactly Ms. Popular within its ranks.

Hardly anyone in the SNP in Glasgow is willing to work for the party.

Do you remember the movie 300?

Well that is roughly the number in her branch, and during her re-election in 2011, it was more like 30 a day, and for historical accuracy, her husband Peter Murrell, the Chief Executive of the SNP wasn’t exactly first in for a morning shift to help her. Also the SNP told its Glasgow councilors to attend her campaign. It seems that they need to be ‘forced’ to be volunteers.

Anyway, back to the possible future car crash, Mr Dombrovskis said an independent Scotland could not expect to inherit the UK's membership terms.

Because there is no contract, Sturgeon is a lawyer, you could argue since she botched this and made claims previously that she isn’t exactly the highest quality in that department.

Apparently Drumchapel Law Centre isn’t exactly a good training ground for complex negotiations on EU Law.

Scottish Labour MEP Catherine Stihler said:

"Scotland would lose all the opt-outs we have as part of the UK, lose the rebate and have to join the euro. If the SNP want to dispute that, why not take up Prime Minister Dombrovskis's offer?"

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said:

"It is possible to prepare a scenario that will provide the European Commission with the information it needs to consider an independent Scotland's continued EU membership, and we call on the UK Government to join us in making such a submission."

This is deception, because it implies that Scotland already is a member in its own right, and the continual use by the SNP Government of “continued EU membership” is incredibly dishonest.

When a government starts to lie to the people, it’s the ‘fall of Rome’; Alex Salmond is Nero, while he tries to fiddle, each day he loses more and more support.

Scottish independence is dead; Ms. Sturgeon is purely working on her leadership bid after Salmond steps down.

And today is another day closer to the end of Alex Salmond.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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