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Scottish independence: Alex Salmond picks the ‘Day of destiny’, September 18th 2014 is the day of his political death, 545 days and counting, there will be no reprieve, no appeal….. judged by the people of Scotland!

Dear All

Rarely do we get the date of someone’s political death in politics, but Alex Salmond has announced his date.

Thursday September 18 2014, is the date of Samageddon.

So, start the clock, countdown the days, get the popcorn out and settle in, the squealing will get ramped up, the fear, the viciousness, the hate will flow.

547 days till political death.

The time isn’t unsurprising, he wants to try and use a feel factor from two major events next year in Scotland: Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games, and the build-up to the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

Between now and the vote, expect a lot of spin about how important ‘Scottish’ is as Salmond and Sturgeon try to trick working class Scots into voting for them.

Alex Salmond will ramp up his ‘jolly fat man’ and Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will play the role of a ‘concerned citizen’.

It’s a pathetic joke.

As well as sporting events, there are other historic events bound to form part of the independence/unionist narrative in 2014: the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn (June 23-24), and the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1 (June 28).

Salmond will of course dress in black, and making a bi deal of this, expect plenty of wreaths being laid as the SNP Govt use the subtext this is what happened under the English.

Nicola Sturgeon, this morning tweeted an image of her signing the bill, along with the words:

"When I joined @thesnp at 16, I never imagined I'd one day put my signature on an #indyref Bill."

On the 19th Sept 2014, she will still be in a devolved Scotland, no one is backing her, and no one is coming to help her.

The independent Electoral Commission will act as watchdog, Salmond only caved in after pressure from opposition parties.

In a brief speech to MSPs, Salmond in Holyrood put the case for leaving Britain, arguing that last year Scotland's finances were in a stronger position than the UK's.

So, to be clear, its fuck everyone, I’m alright, hardly statesmanlike and who can believe a word Salmond and the SNP Government say anyway!

And he trotted out the miserable nuclear argument; Scots could remove Trident nuclear missiles from the Clyde.

At every General Election, Scots overwhelming vote unionist parties for Westminster, as the SNP is seen as a fringe party and acts like a fringe party at Westminster while at Westminster.

For all the good they do, they might as well not be there….. cut the carbon footprint! 

And then there was the ‘big lie’ an end to spending cuts imposed by the Coalition Government at Westminster under independence.

Fuck off with that shite!

He said the referendum "will be a truly historic day for our nation. The day when the people will decide Scotland’s future."

He is such a pompous wanker, take Joan McAlpine and just go!  

Scots Labour leader Johann Lamont asked:

'What's the plan, Alex?'"

This is in relation to the blueprint, which is currently being made up as it goes along.

Another pathetic joke!

In a dig at the long delay between the election and announcement of the referendum date, Lamont said:

"If the hand of history is on his shoulder I do wish it had given him a shove and made him get on with it."

Salmond said:

"I believe (September 18) will be the day we take responsibility for our country, when we are able to speak with our own voice, choose our own direction and contribute in our own distinct way."

This is a man who can’t even take responsibility for what happens in his own party, never mind a country.

He added:

"I believe on September 18 the people of Scotland will vote Yes to create a better country than we have now, one we can pass on with pride to the next generation."

In 2010, he was bragging that the SNP would get 20 MPs for Westminster, they got 6 seats, the same 6 seats as they previously did; the by-election win by John Mason was quickly lost by a 13,000 majority to Labour.

Now he is bragging he is going to get a Yes Vote!

Didn’t he know that George Laird has said No?

Go back to your constituency Salmond and just stay there, do us all a favour, your ‘jolly fat man’ persona leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Thursday September 18 2014 ……. Political death, no reprieve, no appeal….. judged!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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