Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond shouts his mouth off about ‘Scottish regulation’ of the press, then with a little resistance encountered, his bottle crashes again, ‘mouth’ hoisted by his own petard

Dear All

Alex Salmond’s time as First Minister is rapidly drawing to a close, spectacular failure in 2014 with a No vote should haste his exit.

He isn’t standing up for Scots or even Scotland.

His version of what is Scottish is crap.

When the Levenson inquiry was on the go, Alex Salmond decided that a McLeveson report was needed for Scotland.


Salmond like the weak demented fool that he has become put Lord McCluskey in charge, McCluskey famously tried to get a Hotel’s drink licence revoked because he didn’t like the fact the hotel has put up a place where staff smokers could use outside in the grounds.

What a self important prick!

Having put McCluskey in charge, it was always going to end badly, and now it has, the McCluskey recommendations are straight-out of the blue print for a wannabe fascist state.

Do we really want to be the most authoritarian wee country in the western world?

Under Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon control, this is where we are heading; power has gone to their heads and not in a good way.

So, the aftermath of Salmond’s bad judgment is a report that should never have been commissioned and the conclusions of which nobody wants anything to do with, even with a ten foot bargepole!

For some time I have said this SNP Government is terrible, paralysed, going nowhere and compounded by rank stupidity.

Salmond and Sturgeon loaded up the Scottish Government with their cronies, little people trapped in little minds.

Government by knee jerk reaction!

The two primary driving forces of Salmond’s political psyche are short-term headlines and an opportunity to drive wedges between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

In attempting to play the ‘big man’, it has fell apart to such an extent that all we are left with is the ‘fat man’.

In a fascist state which is the road that Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are taking Scots down, we should remember, the failures of legislation by the ruling junta and its cohorts, lackey’s, hacks and hangers on!

The Fitba Bill, pure utter shite!

Even hard core sycophants of Salmond would have to confess that the recent legislative programme of Holyrood is thin gruel and virtually non-existent in terms of anything that might be called radical in social and economic terms. 

And it is this vacuum which Salmond and Sturgeon are allowing their little helpers to use their ‘popular’ little agendas to surface such as press regulation.

Gag the country so that the SNP publish the official ‘thought of the day’.

Given the outbursts, Salmond has now decided to retreat behind the UK Government and go with their ideas.

Enough is enough and it’s time for Salmond and Sturgeon to go, after the No vote for indy passes, people will see how meaningless and devoid of original thought the Scottish National Party in Government actually are.

Salmond and Co are entering the phase of the last days of Blair!

As to McCluskey………. Prick!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Alex Salmond is a prick, do you think you can support your county on Salmon and Whiskey??

sendmycraphere said...

God help the scotts, Alex Salmond is a prick....

sendmycraphere said...

HOT OFF THE NEWS PRESS - Alex Salmond is a prick....

sendmycraphere said...

God help the scotts, Alex Salmond is a prick....

Anonymous said...

wow, as a Englishman I feel really sorry for the Scots. Any idiot can see that the countries making up the UK are better off together. All except that fat useless prick salmond. He thinks he is the modern day bravehart, and we all know how well that ended. We are better off together and as soon as that fat fame hungry tosser looses and crawls back to burger king the better. fat jowley prick

MotiloMagazine said...

Totally agree ! What a way to end a career, prick !!!