Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scottish doctor Iain Kerr says he helped his patients kill themselves while their GP, he supports ‘crackpot’ Margo MacDonald who wants a debate on Assisted Suicide, why is a dirty little bastard like Kerr walking the streets of Scotland unpunished?

Dear All

Why do we have human rights?

We have human rights to protect people; one of those rights is the right to life.

GP Dr Iain Kerr has confessed to assisting in the suicide of a number of patients who wanted to end their lives.

He has broken his medical oath, and more than that, he should be arrested and subject to Police investigation.

This person isn’t God, but he thinks he has the ‘right’ to supply the means which people can kill themselves.

He states quite openly that how he supplied an elderly couple with sleeping tablets so they could kill themselves at the same time.

In another example of his handiwork, he also tells how he ‘helped’ another pensioner get antidepressants to end his life, and then stood by and watched the patient while the overdose took effect.

Presumably that now he is retired and old, he wants the world to know about his efforts, because he wants a ‘debate’ on legalizing assisted suicide.

Dr Kerr is a dirty little bastard who should be locked up and spend the last days of his life looking through a set of prison bars.

His ‘chartable’ work was carried out while he worked at the Williamwood Medical Centre in Clarkston, East Renfrewshire.

Assisted suicide is wrong, it is unethical and if Kerr was still a GP, he would be before a fitness to practice panel on the way to being stuck off.

Independent MSP Margo MacDonald is preparing a new bill to the Scottish Parliament on assisted suicide, she sees this as her ‘legacy’, personally her arse should be thrown out in the street; she has no place making law.

To justify being a rat, he said:

"On the occasions on which I took these actions I was convinced that they were in the best interests of the patient."

In the best interests of society, people like Kerr should have been struck off the medical register for life, and then dragged into a Court of Law.

I wonder when the GP Harold Shipman was involved in his murder spree, in the back of his sick mind; did he think he was acting in the best interests of the patient?

On the GMC hearing, Kerr said:

"I do not honestly know I felt it terribly stressful because I did not feel I had done anything wrong. I suppose the thing is that having your integrity doubted is difficult to cope with, having done something which you feel is morally acceptable but which other people feel is not morally acceptable."

Oh you done something wrong Kerr; and you should rot in prison for the rest of your life, if this is the best that Margo MacDonald has to rely, I would hope her next attempt at legalized State killing dies on the floor of Holyrood. Obviously his medical oath wasn’t explained properly to him in what that entails, it doesn’t entail helping to kill people.

You have to ask yourself, why when some people get old, they go mad as they try and get something done to be remembered by the public.

When Margo Macdonald steps down, she will be soon forgotten, much like her unethical bill.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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