Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond shouts his mouth off about ‘Scottish regulation’ of the press, then with a little resistance encountered, his bottle crashes again, ‘mouth’ hoisted by his own petard

Dear All

As the Scottish independence campaign continues to sink without trace, Alex Salmond is man who is desperate for something, anything to try and get Scots to back him.

His latest attempt is saying that Scottish soldiers and thousands of civilians were killed in the Iraq war thanks to the votes of Labour MSPs in the Scottish Parliament.

One has to wonder what fuckwit in his inner circle thought this was a good strategic move to try and kick start independence campaign.

To use the dead bodies of Scottish soldiers and Iraqi civilians, is a new low even for him to stoop to, what happened to the ‘positive campaign’.

It is an extraordinary allegation to make and a sign that the dying campaign is in the middle of its death throes, madness is overpowering common decency.

The allegation was made during a heated debate at Holyrood marking the tenth anniversary of the conflict, but the inescapable truth is, MSPs having no say over foreign affairs.

This is reserved to Westminster.

Labour have rightly accused Salmond of “the most tasteless politicking” by using the deaths of British soldiers to try and revive his flagging campaign for independence.

Is it any wonder that serving Scottish soldiers want nothing to do with a United States of Salmond armed forces?

Another unforgivable act was when Salmond lost his temper with Lewis Macdonald, a senior Labour MSP.

It seems that Alex Salmond doesn’t like anyone interrupting him when he is playing the morally outraged less than jolly fat man.

MacDonald symbolically voted for the conflict a decade ago, and attempted to intervene in Salmond’s opening speech.

Then the increasingly bitter First Minister turned to his Labour opponent and said:

“Well, the member says it’s a joke. Let him speak and see how funny it is that people died because of his votes in this parliament.”

Everyone knows that Alex Salmond doesn’t give a toss about the working class, and the lack of support for British Soldiers by the Scottish National Party is well known.

When was the last time that Alex Salmond visited Scottish soldiers on active service?

Who does he think he is kidding with his timely manufactured fake outrage?

Can Alex Salmond sink any lower in his quest for independence?

The person in Britain responsible is Tony Blair, he was the then Prime Minister; he sold out his principles, if he had any, and jumped on the American bandwagon.

You only have to look at where he gets his money now to highlight that point.

Saddam Hussein was a dictator; his regime was built on the ‘cult of personality’ much like Alex Salmond uses, a clique of small followers up the leader’s arse.

You could argue the merits, whether Saddam should have been killed, his death wasn’t pretty; he was turned over to be killed by the Americans.

And the Iraqi puppet government duly complied.

As I keep saying and have been proven correct, there is a genuine lack of talent in the Scottish National Party.

A Scottish Labour spokesman said:

“Bereft of arguments for independence, he now tries to use the deaths of brave Scots fighting in the British Army in Iraq to revive his flagging campaign”.

He added:

“It is the most tasteless politicking on a very serious subject. Whatever your views on the war, those who voted both for it and against it did so out of honest conviction.”

 John Lamont, the Scottish Tory Chief Whip, said:

“That’s certainly not the rhetoric or behaviour Scotland’s first minister should adopt. From the SNP side this debate was always going to descend into that kind of mud-slinging, and is not what the people of Scotland expect from their Parliament.”

Using dead British soldiers is disgusting; the living won’t have anything to do with Alex Salmond; so he uses the dead.

You expect this type of behavior from the disgusting animal Tommy Ball, but for Alex Salmond to sink to this level shows how badly things are behind the scenes.

As the pressure ramps up, Alex Salmond and the SNP are finding how much the lack of talent in their ranks is crippling indy.

George Laird was right again, but then George Laird is always right.

There is further still to sink.

Should Alex Salmond apologise for his behaviour?

Yes, but he won’t, he isn’t a ‘big man’ just a man playing the role of the ‘jolly fat man’ for the cameras and public, but he shouldn’t let the mask slip and reveal his true personality.

This is a truly ignorant little man.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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