Thursday, March 28, 2013

SNP Councillor Gavin Barrie exposed for allegedly fucking another woman behind his wife’s back, ex retired fireman, 55, allegedly manages to ‘hose down’ someone’s wife in her 30’s, will Gavin get her kids xmas presents this year or take hubby for a drink?

Dear All

Do you remember the Love boat tune?

‘Love, exciting and new
Come aboard, were expecting you’.

Well, love is air, for a two-timing SNP councillor called Gavin Barrie, one slight problem; he is fucking behind his wife’s back.

He is also, the SNP whip, tasked with keeping others in line!

Apparently his wife only found out because the husband of the woman he allegedly ‘ploughed’ into contacted her.

Now, he has been exposed as a cheat by his long-term partner who e-mailed SNP politicians asking why they hadn’t told her about his affair.

It seems that she wasn’t part of the team, and their silence equals consent, and why upset the little woman at home.

Maybe he isn’t the only SNP Politician who has his prick parked in another woman when the wife remains ignorant.

From time to time you hear stories in the SNP.

Mr. Barrie is a retired firefighter is said to be banging Elaine McCafferty, believed to be in her late 30s.

SNP whip Gavin Barrie, 55, Elaine McCafferty in her late 30’s.

And she is a mother, who doesn't love a mother!!

At this point, maybe her husband, he must be well fucked off.

From firefighter to a milfman!

Carol Blackburn, Cllr Barrie’s partner of 28 years, lifted the lid on the affair after Mrs McCafferty’s husband phoned her to break the news of them screwing behind her back.

Principled stand by the husband, like this boy already!

Now, Carol, rightly launched a tirade against all 18 SNP councillors on Edinburgh City Council for not having the “decency” to inform her of the tryst or convince Cllr Barrie to “come clean and own up”.

Seems the Nolan Principles don’t apply in the Scottish National Party, decency went out the window a long time ago, I said the party is now effectively a ‘rat ship’.

George Laird right again.

In sticking to the SNP ‘heroes’ in an e-mail, she reveals how this was “not the first time” Cllr Barrie had strayed.

A little bit of power and it goes to some people’s head, but perhaps Cllr Barrie was always a rat.

Anyway Carol has blasted his SNP colleagues who she believes were “complicit” in hiding the relationship.

She said it was “so cruel” that she had to be told by “Elaine’s distraught husband”.

Carol added:

“I hope this never happens to you and yours and that your group can behave in a more moralistic upstanding and family orientated manner than seems to be happening at the moment. I do not want any replies; I just want you to know I do not hold you or your party in any regard at all.”

In a true PR exercise of ‘we know nothing’, Party sources today said news of the affair had come as a “surprise” to many.

Yes, quite so ma’am!

However, it is believed confidants of Cllr Barrie may have suspected it.

Aye right!

Barrie is said to be the “natural successor” to Steve Cardownie, leader of the Edinburgh SNP group.

A rat is the “natural successor”?

A spokesman for the SNP council group said:

“It’s an entirely personal issue between the people involved and it would be inappropriate to make any comment.”

In other words, we hope his wife will just go away and stop blaming us, because we don’t care or give fuck!

An SNP national spokesperson said:

“We regard such matters as private.”

Is it because it is entirely possible that someone higher up in the SNP maybe shagging behind his wife’s back?

Seems Cllr Barrie has a track record of ‘standing up for Scotland’, just ask Elaine McCafferty, think she can tell if he leans to the left?

As I keep saying trust is a major issue in the Scottish National Party now!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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