Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It’s tough at the bottom, ex Lib Dem Minister Chris Huhne is ‘mocked by prison officer’, over the tannoy system in prison, “The right honourable member for Wandsworth North down to the office”, some people do get their jollies at other’s misery

Dear All

Disgraced former Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne is a fool.

He is currently paying a heavy price for his stupidity, 8 months in Prison; you could argue the merits whether he should be in prison.

I think prison should be reserved for people who are a danger to society; Chris Huhne and also his ex- wife Vicky Pryce are not.

Not because they are rich, had position or anything of that nature, but because their case could have been disposed of by way of community service, lots and lots of community service.

And as an added punishment they would be required to serve out their sentences together, a more effective lesson.

I can understand the Judge sentencing Huhne and Pryce to Prison, but while in the system they should be treated properly.

So to ridicule Huhne on his first day in jail when a warder called him to breakfast shouting “Order! Order!” was wrong.

Someone appears to have an attitude problem.

The prison officer used the Tannoy system in Wandsworth jail to mimick, John Bercow, the current Commons Speaker.

For good measure, he added:

“The right honourable member for Wandsworth North down to the office”!

Speaking of ‘down to the office’, the prison officer also deserves a visit to the governor’s office himself, to explain his comic talents.

Other prisoners at the south-west London jail roared with laughter as Huhne went from his cell to pick up the meal, amazing when you are down on your luck, that others get their joy by way of joining in humiliation.

Huhne is currently in the same boat as the rest of the prisoners, what have they got to laugh at?

Chrish Huhne will still be a millionaire when he leaves jail, these people won’t!

Now, Huhne, has been moved to a wing for his own protection as a vulnerable prisoner
because other convicts have humiliated and bullied him, to be expected, Tommy Sheridan did a stint in the pokey, he had the sense to play the game with the muckers!

Apparently being rich has caused Huhne to be badgered for cash.

A simple ‘fuck off’ would clarify the position for the wannabe borrowers.

An unnamed woman speaking outside the prison said:

“Someone found out he was a millionaire and as soon as he was on the wing there were loads of people after him. They kept on going up to him saying, ‘We know you’ve got money’.”

Down the road, Huhne’s ex wife, Vicky Pryce is said to have spent a “nervous” first day in Holloway prison in north London.

Postman Robert Brown said a friend he had visited in the jail told him he had spotted Pryce, who is a mother-of-five.

He added:

“My friend said she was very scruffy and looked really nervous.”

On a financial note, is putting Huhne and Pryce in prison the best use of State resources?

It costs circa £40k for a year to lock someone up, if they were out, we could save money, put them to unpaid work and get something for society for free.

The only danger they represent is to each other, on twitter a tweeter describe them as a ‘pair of fuckwits’.

Note the emotional content but rather apt.

Regardless who they are, they should be treated properly the staff, the warder overstepped the mark; perhaps he needs a lesson in comedy, what is the most important thing in comedy…… timing.

The warder needs a word, by his actions he is allowing passive bullying.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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