Thursday, March 14, 2013

SNP MSP Bob Doris attacks possible decision not to victimise the poorest in society, ‘a man called Doris’ with his head so far up Nicola Sturgeon’s arse, no wonder she is unhappy, reduced to having Doris as a supporter and a cheerleader!

Dear All

Minimum pricing is a bad idea, it targets the poorest in society and is unfair, unjust and goes against natural justice.

The idea surfaced during the disastrous stint of Nicola Sturgeon as Health Minister in Scotland, it was a bad idea then and it is still a bad idea now!

However the idea floated south of the border and was picked up by the coalition government who cast an eye over it.

But it seems that they have had second thoughts, and rightly so, how do you sell punishing innocent people and sound trendy?

Seeing the way the wind is blowing; the SNP has accused David Cameron of a “dereliction of responsibility” that will cost lives.

Government is about political choices; in this case, this choice is the wrong choice.

Scottish health secretary Alex Neil said he hoped speculation that the coalition was going to “renege” on its commitment was unfounded.

However SNP MSP Bob Doris or ‘Bungling Bob’ as I prefer to call him was more far more mouthy by saying:

“If the reports are true that the Tory/Lib Dem coalition has abandoned minimum alcohol pricing because of a Cabinet split, it is a serious dereliction of responsibility which will cost lives south of the Border.”

By his logic then he should be calling for a total ban on alcohol, since as ‘Bungle’ says it is a “serious dereliction of responsibility which will cost lives south of the Border.”

Having painted the party in a corner, the SNP wants others to join them thus trying to spread the blame, using the classic ‘well others are doing it’ defence.

This vote loser is something which I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot bargepole.

Downing Street is refusing to comment on suggestions that minimum pricing was to be abandoned south of the Border; they know that there is no upside for them.

If the SNP push this through then more fool them, vote loser but already the working class is getting a sense of having been conned.

Number 10 said responses to the UK government’s consultation into setting a 45p minimum price were “still being considered” which could be code for thanks but no thanks, best let the SNP run with this and look at voting data.

SNP MSP Bob Doris has a track record of stupidity in the SNP; he is currently in the Holyrood’s ‘arsehole of the universe’ committee health and sport.

In 2011, he failed to win his seat in Maryhill & Springburn, the only SNP list MSP in Glasgow to do the full term in Glasgow. Then there was his disastrous anti NATO stance, he got that wrong as well.

I remember at an SNP meeting Bob Doris said he thought he might get a call from Alex about a Cabinet position. I quipped the only Cabinet position available to Bob Doris was a filing Cabinet, to friends later.

Bob isn’t one of life’s thinkers, to say he is dense does a disservice to cretins, on Newsnight Scotland, he was recently sent in as a patsy, Gordon Brewer; the presenter generally plays with him like a Cat with a mouse, as Doris struggles to hold his ground, never mind win an argument.

And who can forget when he was politically ass raped on live TV by Gordon Brewer? His arms waving around, incohrent mutterings, it was very sad and at the same time, very funny, a master class on how to deal with someone talking shite on the BBC.

But let’s hear from Bob, because even a cretin has a right to be heard on this blog.

Doris said:

“Thank goodness we have a government in Scotland that has acted on the basis of the evidence, and passed a minimum pricing bill with widespread support in the Scottish Parliament, including from the Tories and Lib Dems.”

He has his head so far up Nicola Sturgeon’s arse, it is no wonder she isn‘t happy these days, imagine having to rely on ‘Bungling Bob’ as a supporter and cheerleader!

Personally, I find that incredibly funny, and less we forget, you add in SNP Cllr Francis Scally, and the team’s all there, whose IQ is the highest?

The fool or the fools that follow, you decide!

I cribbed that off Star Wars, 1977, Sir Alec Guinness for those who are a film buff.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

Just like the Football Bill. Punish the majority for the actions of the few. And we don't get the use of the extra money which will be generated from the guy going for his pint after work.