Monday, March 4, 2013

SNP MP Angus Robertson uses fear and scaremongering to claim MoD 'set to go back' on Scotland defence pledges, MoD source says numbers going up, Robertson has misfire using wrong calibre ammunition at Westminster, trigger happy and wire happy?

Dear All

Facts are the currency of politics, they help get you elected and more importantly can help you stay in power when you make the right decision based on facts!

The SNP has claimed the Ministry of Defence could be set to go back on key defence commitments to Scotland.

Do they have any evidence to support this statement?


The SNP policy of grudge, grievance and malcontent doesn’t work at Westminster Politics, their fear and scaremongering have no place at the 'big hoose'.

There are six SNP MPs.

And the reason why is fairly obvious.

The recent scaremongering on army numbers shows that a higher calibre of MP is needed or the existing ones need to up their game by going ‘down the range’ and learning to use the high caliber facts for sniping purposes.

Rear sight, foresight, target and squeeze, keeping the breath steady.

Instead, it seems the SNP think Westminster is the ‘Wild West’ as they go off half cocked and use their political bullets in a scattering effect.

My dear old weapon instructor Sgt Skabinski would never have approved of this type of ‘spraying’.

The latest piece of fear and scaremongering to attempt to spread discontent, is over army numbers in Scotland.

UK government said in 2011 that up to 7,000 personnel would return to Scotland from Germany, with barracks and a training area being built. If the pledge is given, it is hard to see how this wouldn’t be honoured given the way that the MOD works.

The MoD said the SNP speculation is "unfounded", maybe someone should ask, do the SNP have any proof to basis their claims on?

I would think not.

The army move was partially to make up for the closure of the RAF bases at Leuchars in Fife and Kinloss in Moray, which were both to become Army bases instead.

So, there is a commitment because both these bases are needed operational, which shows how much attention is being paid to military matters by the SNP.
The SNP defence spokesman, Angus Robertson MP, said of any change of heart:

"This would be totally unacceptable and underlines why better defence decisions should be made in Scotland with independence”.

What a load of disconnected pish!

An MoD source said Mr Hammond was likely to announce that Scotland was going to receive "new investment in accommodation and facilities" as part of the Army's new basing plan.

Military deployment is base on military needs, there is also a political element involved too to ensure areas of the UK benefit from military business.

The MoD source added:

"It has also consistently been speculated that the numbers of soldiers in Scotland is going to decrease. However, the defence secretary is also due to set out that this speculation is unfounded. Scotland will actually get a modest increase in its Army headcount, of nearly 20%, with some units returning from Germany to the improved Leuchars base”.

An increase!

It seems that if you scream ‘wolf’ and no wolf appears, you just look like a fool, Angus Robertson famously said that Scotland would have a navy like Norway, when asked what that would be, he said he had no idea but had look at their website which he rated very good!

Someone call an army medic, Angus Roberston has shot himself in the foot; and someone get him some ‘range time’ before he wipes out the rest of the SNP MP Group at Westminster.

Rear sight, foresight, target and squeeze, keeping the breath steady, I wonder if Sgt Skabinski is still available for tuition!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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