Friday, August 3, 2018

Why I Stopped watching THE FLASH⚡ in season 4! RANT! Iris west a Speedster & leader?

Dear All

I found this review on a TV show called 'The Flash' which is a reboot, the problem with shows like this, is rather than being what they are supposed to be, they have been turned into vehicles to promote Social Justice Warrior agendas.

This is why after awhile, the ratings drop, firstly they remain true to the ethos of the character, then they introduce their agenda which turns off the audience.

If you take the last two Star Wars movies, both of these movies are terrible, in fact, you could swear profusely, long, loud and with venom at what the SJW's have done.

Just as people are starting to boycott the news media, and seek alt sources of news, people are also not willing to support shows that turn bad.

This clip, I found for you to watch is really funny, but the content is excellent in analysis about The Flash, like the person in this video, I watched the first three seasons of The Flash, then in season four, I stopped. I wanted to see a crime fighting show, with good action, good plot and good characters supporting the 'hero'.

Now, we get 'man hating' shows were every guy is a just a wank unless they are in a same sex relationship.

Where a secondary lead female character changes her sexuality while others tell her that she is the bravest and strongest woman they have ever known. The reason that SJW's used mainstream series as a vehicle is that if they came out with their real agenda at the start, they wouldn't make money, wouldn't have an audience, and advertisers wouldn't back them.

When I watch an action TV show, I want the characters to be fit for the show regardless of their personal story, the plot is and should be the driver.

One of my favourite shows is Fear The Walking Dead, different types of characters, the main driver isn't someone's race, religion or sexuality, its isn't about personal angst, it is about their survival. Imagine there is a zombie apocalypse, you are fighting for survival everyday, to find food, shelter and security, clean water and a future, how much time do you think should be allocated to whether someone is unhappy because they are not taking it up the arse?

Taking it up the arse can apply equally to men and women.

Finally, in today's social justice warrior TV shows, if you are a LGBT guy who shags a guy up the arse, you are considered a 'hero'.

If you are a guy who shags women up the arse, you are considered 'a dirty bastard', in fact a guy 'ploughing a bird's dirty track' at present isn't even a bit character in a TV show.

Is this the next step in sexual equality in TV?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Anonymous said...

You have at last drawn attention to this George. Ive been commenting to people about this for quite a while now, but with little reaction other than a vacant blank stare! It is everywhere in msm programmes aswell, particularly bbc & channel4.
Fortunately more & more people are starting to notice it but they need to start speaking out or it wont be long before these fucking nutjobs turn every tv show, film & documentary into leftist propaganda freakshows.
I'm all for different cultures etc being given fair opportunity at using their talent to entertain, as they have done for decades now, but there is something else going on here....clearly agenda driven.

Al C said...

These people are quite clearly not very bright. They could easily have put across their message successfully and done so while not turning off their audiences if they were subtle about it. Of course, they don't give a shit about anything else other than shooting their useless mouths off.

It's like with the 1980s comic 'Charley's War' about a British Tommy in the Trenches of the last half of the First World War. It's an excellent story and the illustrator - Joe Colquhoun - is amazingly talented. However, the author - Pat Mills - has a socialist agenda that, while he makes the story very interesting, he's still a talented writer, he shovels his message down his audience's throats 'so that they won't miss it' as if his audience are all morons.

At the end of each book he goes on a Wolfie Smith style Marxism rant and it gets so deranged it's actually kind of funny. Of course, his saving grace is the story and the artwork so it's still worth it. Unfortunately for the SJW movement, artistic and literary talent (and talent in general) aren't their strong points, and it shows.

Best thing to do is boycott their crap. New channels and creative media are springing up everywhere, independent films are taking off like nobody's business, and one is far more likely to find something decent there. I mean, say what you like about Mel Gibson (he never hated the English), but despite his somewhat deranged past, he's a damned good filmmaker, and Hacksaw Ridge was done on a local basis in Australia and it's a bloody masterpiece. Nobody there to force their agendas on him.

In general though, people vote with their feet and their wallets, and these agendas will soon disappear once they find that they lose people money. These things have a knack for taking care of themselves in the long run.

Anonymous said...

this is why people aren't listening to r4 today programme

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist commenting. Exceptionally well