Monday, August 6, 2018

Europe’s migrant crisis: German City of Essen orders up 128 brand new Bulletproof Vests for Deportation Officers to wear while carrying out forced deportations of failed asylum seekers, recently a failed asylum seeker attempted to shoot the Police officers with an officer’s gun, how long before migrants start access illegal firearms, will that be the point that mobilisation of the military occurs?

Dear All

During the migrant crisis, politicians comb through the migrants to find doctors, dentists, engineers and families with small children to thrust into people’s faces to counter the wave of negative opinion they had generated.

One of the PR jobs fostered on to people was the image of the little Syrian boy who drowned; this created a storm of protest.

This boy didn’t need to die, his family settled in Turkey, but they wanted a better life in Canada, prior to his death, the family was safe. Basically he was killed by his father’s greed and stupidity. Ironically Channel 4 television in the UK who present an annual Christmas message as an alternative to the Christmas Message of Queen Elizabeth II in 2015 gave a platform to the dead boy’s father Abdullah Kurdi.

He said:

“If a person shuts a door in someone's face, this is very difficult. When a door is opened they no longer feel humiliated. At this time of year I would like to ask you all to think about the pain of fathers, mothers and children who are seeking peace and security. We ask just for a little bit of sympathy from you. Hopefully next year the war will end in Syria and peace will reign all over the world”.

The political elite used this tragic event to justify their actions in flooding Europe with illegal migrants, now the tide is turning after rapes, murders, terrorism and breakdown of social cohesion. In the German city of Essen, they have ordered 128 custom bulletproof vests for immigration officers to keep them safe whilst carrying out deportations.

Bulletproof vests, yes apparently failed asylum seekers have no problem with violence and killing. The left in North-Rhine Westphalia have slammed the creation of the Central Immigration Office (ZAB) to tackle the illegals problem. Far-left Die Linke politician Marion Wegscheider said:

“Such an authority is incompatible with the image that we have of our Essen”.

Our Essen?

Yes, it appears that the extremists don’t care a jot for the break down in social cohesion, rising crime levels, human trafficking and all the other baggage that comes with the self created problem imposed on Germany by Angela Merkel. One thing which I have blogged on is the rise in people speaking out, forming groups and acting as an opposition to the elite’s tyranny. Local citizen group the Essen Citizens’ Alliance (EBB) has welcomed the creation of the new deportation agency, saying:

“The repatriation of non-resident foreigners must finally be improved. We need more deportations. If rejected asylum seekers are not deported, this undermines the acceptance of the rule of law.”
The left and the political elite choose to ignore the difference between an genuine asylum seeker and an undocumented economic migrant. This had led to the rise of the rightwing parties across Europe. These people have been dubbed the ‘far right’ but the term is meaningless, ‘far right’ is anyone who doesn’t agree with the agenda of the left.

From September 1st, the deportation agency ZAB will be tasked with managing the deportation of some 21,000 failed asylum seekers in the region. Their staff with consist of around 300 employees. This isn’t going to be enough, what is clear is that the government needs to authorise the use of the military as a back up to the deportation agency.

Violence will happen, people will disappear and the situation will spiral out of control, already Police and other authorities have seen a number of attacks on them during deportations. The army is a blunt instrument, their job isn’t empathy, their job is to complete operations; Chancellor Angela Merkel’s was forced to promise an increase in deportations September of 2016 as a response to her power fading.

This is the reality of illegal immigration, earlier this year; a group of police were attacked by a mob of migrants in the southern town of Ellwangen. The Police sought to carry out a scheduled deportation only to be met by violence with saw four people, including a police officer hospitalised.

Another incident in June, involving another migrant, a 30-year-old Nigerian, attempted to wrestle a police officer’s pistol from him during his deportation process. The Nigerian man attempted to shoot the officers but failed and the weapon was removed from him. The Nigerian then stabbed an officer before being subdued with pepper spray.

Buying 128 bulletproof vests may seem like good forward planning.

But it isn’t, the truth is that illegal migrants should never have been allowed into the community in the first place. They should have been placed in detention camps outside Europe’s borders. Angela Merkel created an industrial scale problem, how long will it be before illegal migrants access illegal arms via the Balkan’s route and load up with AK 47’s?

Finally, I have blogged before about the mobilisation of the military onto the streets of Europe because they will face a crisis which the Police and Deportation agencies will not be able to cope with.

In the current national security crisis, there must be the building of detention camps as I wrote about in 2015, the problem is European wide now.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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