Friday, January 21, 2011

Marriage of the Damned, Ed Miliband appoints Ed Balls as Shadow Chancellor, example of exceptional poor leadership skills

Dear All

In the music industry there is a popular singer called Usher.

He has a single in which there is a line:

‘Oh My God!’

You could say that is the enormity of the mistake of Red Ed Miliband in appointing Ed Balls as Shadow Chancellor.

The departure of Alan Johnson citing ‘personal reasons’ has caused an emergency reshuffle.

We know have a Labour team of exceptional crudity and blandness lacking in style.

The Labour Team:

Shadow chancellor - Ed Balls (a plotter for the crown)

Shadow home secretary - Yvette Cooper (wife of a plotter)

Shadow foreign secretary - Douglas Alexander (untalented and thick)

Shadow Cabinet Office minister - Tessa Jowell (connections to Italian Mafia via husband)

Shadow work and pensions secretary - Liam Byrne (slimy)

This is going to lead Britain?

The shock resignation of Alan Johnson although he was out of depth is a blow, a serious blow because those listed above don’t connect to ordinary people.

Johnson was said to be a better communicator.

In the public domain is a story that the policeman who protected Alan Johnson has been referred to Scotland Yard's standards directorate after newspaper reports he had an affair with his wife.

Explains the decision to go, Johnson has to sort out the home front.

The emergence of Balls is a mistake, and we should remember he wrote the book which plunged Britain into the economic black hole.

A track record of massive failure!

The only bright thing on the Milibland horizon is that Ed Balls is unpopular in the country as he is within the Labour Party.

In shoring the wreckage a senior Labour source says that there was “not a cigarette paper’s difference” between the party leader and Mr Balls on economic strategy.

I hate fake unity, it will unravel soon enough; people always talk.

The source added that there would be no return to the factionalism seen when Mr Balls worked for Gordon Brown at the Treasury, adding, “there will be no different power base”.

At least not publicly!
You could see last night the gleam in Ball’s eyes at taking a major step towards what he thinks will get him the leadership of Labour.

That will never happen.

We now have a situation where the ‘bomb maker’ who blew up the country has been given gunpowder, matches, plans and staff to do it again?

Isn’t Red Ed Miliband just so deluded and lacking in leadership?

He is a follower, not a leader, from political predator he has gone to political prey!

David Miliband is sitting treading water as the leader in waiting.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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